Book Tour in South Carolina: The Itinerary

Lesson: mixing business and pleasure is grueling and totally rewarding.
Thursday, September 22. Joe and I flew from Sacramento to Greenville, SC, via Los Angeles and Chicago on Southwest. Free peanuts/pretzels and soft drinks! And free checked baggage for clothes and a box of books. Our flight to Greenville was an hour late and two little boys across the aisle and one row back screamed, cried and generally made the trip from Chicago miserable. We got into our hotel at midnight. (I wrote the first blog of this series on the plane, but my computer died in the motel in Greenville on the way home and I’ve lost that blog until I pay someone to get it off the dead machine. The blog was on the preparation we made for this tour in terms of marketing.)

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Afternoon Day 4 – Montgomery

After lunch on the bus from Tuskegee we arrive in Montgomery. We have been to two museums, a college tour and a tour of Booker T. Washington’s home so far today. The Southern Poverty Law Center’s Civil Rights Memorial, The Children’s Museum and the Rosa Parks Museum lie ahead this afternoon.

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Sam Cook Was Right: A Change Is Gonna Come

I just finished an interview with Jessica Bays. She is a reporter for the “Clarksdale Press Reporter” in Clarksdale, Mississippi. Clarksdale is the Birthplace and World Capital of the Blues in the Mississippi Delta. Lots of Blues musicians have called it home including Sam Cooke, John Lee Hooker, Ike Turner and Muddy Waters.
So why is this interview important? In 1965 the Mississippi Delta was a hell for civil rights workers and the local people who worked with them.

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