How to Know I’m on the Right Track

One thing I know is I need to consider “coincidences” as part of my writing process. Each time I’ve felt lost, like I’ve strayed from what I’m “supposed” to be doing with the book, I get a reminder. An event at the Maui Writers Retreat and Conference alerted me to the fact that I don’t “control” where the book goes.
As I mentioned earlier, an agent told me that my subject matter was passé. Then two of the guest speakers (writers both) told me my title, Rising to the Occasion was boring. I’d paid for this abuse! Their comment reminded me I was entering territory I knew nothing about and I’d better be open to new ideas about the book.
And then it happened. I was waiting in line at a book signing.

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For Better or Worse at the Maui Writers Retreat and Conference

One thing I know for sure: when my husband agreed to marry me for better or worse writing a book was not a consideration. When we arrived at Wailei, tropical breezes, multi-hued flowers, palm trees and the brilliant Pacific Ocean captured us. Certainly the place for a second honeymoon, and we were carried away by the beauty.
But the weight in our suitcases reminded of us we were there to work. At least, I was. We carried the usual “stuff” but we also hefted a printer, a new laptop, manila folders, paper clips, and The Synonym Finder. (A terrific resource for a writer.)

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Seeking the Path

One thing I know for sure: books evolve in their own way regardless of the author’s intention. The books that arrived on Januray 12, 2011, did not meet the plan Eleanor and I intended in spring of 2005 after she saw the video tape and said, “There is your book.”
We planned a book that spanned forty-five years made up of stories from 1965 to 2005. We proposed sharing the events of the summer of 1965 and to show how those events led to personal relationships with several families that have lasted more than two-thirds of my life.

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