Am I Kidding Myself?

Jenny Joseph wrote, “When I am an old woman, I shall wear purple.” Her poem explains many of the things an old woman should/can do. Others have written similar challenges to women as they age. But none answers the question I want answered: when am I an old woman? I hated my thirtieth birthday – felt like an old woman, and I’m of the generation that could never trust anyone over thirty. Forty wasn’t bad – I still had hopes of many-miled backpacks and some rock climbing. At fifty I could out walk, out carry and out climb all my friends but one. Thank God I had someone to walk, carry and climb with. Ah ha, then came sixty and a hip replacement. I’d hit a wall. Two years to recover – or not – passed by. Now I have a decision to make and I’m wondering which me I should make it from: the pre-sixty mountaineer or the post-sixty old woman.

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