Insurrection in America

I write with tears in my eyes as I watched with horror the actions at the capital last night.  If an insurrection is “a violent uprising against an authority or government”, then breaching the capital building when it is in session carrying out the will of the people is an act of insurrection.  If treason is “the crime of betraying one’s country by attempting to kill the sovereign or overthrow the government”, then these people committed treason by threatening the legislators who were in the process of carrying out their function in the government.  If sedition is “conduct or speech inciting people to rebel against the authority of a state or monarch”, then president trump, senators cruz and hawley, and a number of representatives committed sedition last night.  I have no idea who to write this letter to in order to scream that what we saw last night was a threat to our democratic system, not to mention the terror it visited upon the people hiding in corners to protect themselves or the grief of the families who lost dear ones.  (At least now they know what children feel like in schools under attack.)  Legal action must be taken against these people.  (lack of capitalization on the names above is deliberate)

Why was there no protection for the capital except for local law enforcement?  Was it just poor planning or was it deliberate?  Where was the National Guard?  It isn’t as though the there was no warning.  The president has warned us for more than four years that he believes in violence and will do anything to win.  He has outlined his intention to have violence at this congressional event for the last couple of months.  I’m a school teacher in California, for God sakes, and I knew.  If these had been black persons, then we know what would have happened and it would have been violent, ugly and bloody.  This is an example of why people talk about institutional racism.  White people can attack the capital of the country, a holy site, and get away with it. There was an unbelievable failure of federal security to protect the capital. 

Why were the insurrectionists allowed to hang out before and after the 6:00 curfew?  None of them looked concerned any more than they did in Charlottesville even though they faced a phalanx of officers when those officers did finally arrive.  They seemed quite comfortable with the authorities like the cop who mercilessly murdered George Floyd; they expected to get off.

Where was the executive branch or for that matter, Mitch McConnell, explaining to all of us that the situation was dire but being handled?  That all were safe.  No president, vice president, justice department representative, or cabinet members calmed our fears.  There were no press conferences or updates.  Where was our government?  Were they involved?  If it wasn’t for the media covering the situation all day, some of them personally attacked by the insurrectionists, their equipment destroyed, we wouldn’t have had any information.

We have endured four years of lawlessness or at least laws only enforced against those who questioned the president.  Nonviolent protesters were tear gassed and threatened with helicopters so the president could cross Layfette Park.  Unidentifiable troops protesters along with the National Guard roamed the streets of the capital.  Federal troops were sent into Portland even though the mayor and governor said they were unwanted.  And the president threatened to send them into cities where there were protests – ah, cities where the leadership was Democratic.  The president complimented the forces who committed murders.  This must end. 

I heard Senator Reed today talking about the senators who disgraced themselves and saying the voters would take care of them.  Losing an election is in the future.  They need to be “punished” now.  The president is obviously dangerous to the country.  He needs to be removed now.  Congresswoman Pelosi needs to refuse to seat the representatives who supported challenging Biden’s election.  I know, I’ve heard it before, we must bind the wounds of the nation by letting these people off easily.  But I think to do so would only invite the same thing to happen in the future and would admit to us and the world that the United States is no longer a viable democracy.  It’s not as though there hasn’t been an underground of anti-government people from the Ku Klux Klan (first domestic terrorists), through the Timothy Mcveighs, to the Proud Boys.  The Southern Poverty Law Center has catalogued them all in recent times.  They just needed a president to set them free.  If the country does nothing to dissuade them, they will be back.  They have said so.

In response to Senator Reed I say that the majority of people in the country are non-violent and believe in a country based on law.  If we are binding wounds, shouldn’t these people be considered and appreciated.  Who is binding wounds for them?  Letting insurrectionists and dishonest representatives, senators and the presidents off with just a slap on the hand is unfair to them and destructive to the country.  Allowing this threat to the rule of law is frightening.  Is anyone protecting the Constitution by protecting the honest electorate? We just watched the capital attacked by insurrectionists with the encouragement of the president.  We watched people attempt to take control of the functions of our government.  The media allowed us to see those who are supposed to protect us stand calmly in the face of the insurrectionists because our government was unwilling to calm our fears.  My fear is that now no one will act to protect a country I hold dear.

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