How Pompeo’s focus on religion could recast US rights policy

Secretary of State Pompeo puts religious freedom above all the other “freedoms” we have as citizens.  “The conservative Republican and evangelical Christian has pushed to shift the United States away from what he sees as an overemphasis on women’s reproductive rights and LGBTQ issues and toward religious freedom – which he likes to note is the first right America’s Founding Fathers listed in the Bill of Rights.”  I suspect he doesn’t exactly see women’s and LGBTQ  “rights” as equal to the rights of “men’s” and “straight” rights, although we are all made in the image of God.  I also doubt that he believes in religious freedom.  I believe he means Christian freedom.  For instance, I just don’t see him supporting a Muslim candidate for the presidency, or a Hindu, or a Buddhist or…

This article is scary.  We do not need another term for the man who chose him to run our relationship with the rest of the world.

The article is from the Christian Science Monitor.

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