Day 18 of Incarceration, April 2, 2020


There are now 1 million coronavirus cases worldwide with nearly a quarter in the United States according to Johns Hopkins University.

Beginning April 2nd, first responders will have the opportunity to shop at all Save Mart stores one hour before and one hour after posted hours.


Each week Alice Waters, a Stockton celebrity chef, is donating meals through the Food Bank.  She gets donations from organic growers.  Normally the donations go to schools that are not in session due to shelter in place.

One million are sick with COVID worldwide.

Governor Newsom suspects our peak will be in May.

70 cases of COVID are from one church in Sacramento – a Russian Pentecostal church.  The people said they needed a translator and didn’t know they were supposed to stay at home.  When they couldn’t meet in the church, they met in individual homes.  The Public Health Department is identifying this church to hammer home that people are not supposed to congregate anywhere.  (nobody had any information, nobody spoke English, no body?)

Public orders are now being translated into Russian, Chinese and Spanish.

Sleep Train Arena is being converted into a 360 hospital.

70,000 people have signed up to be health care substitutes in California.

6,648,000 are unemployed.

Small businesses need to contact the U.S. Small Business Administration and look into the Economic Injury Disaster Loan Advances and the Paycheck Protection Program for financial help.  (so much new stuff to learn at a time when they are probably desperate and rattled) Check online for more info.  Apply now at COVID  Plan to spend a lot of time filling out the form.

Wear masks, but don’t stop social distancing and don’t wear N95 masks because that’s what health care workers need is the new order.  Fabric covering your face doesn’t save you but may save others if you are asymptomatic.


The US now has 236,339 cases and 5,648 deaths.

T now says the Javits Center can be used for COVID patients after all.

Cuomo says that NY could be out of ventilators in 6 days at the current burn rate.

Hundreds of health care workers in NY are sick and one ER doctor has died.

Cuomo says to wear masks in public as did the mayor of Los Angeles.

(Gee, suddenly t taking action under the Defense Production Act ordering companies to make ventilators and needed equipment.)

10 million people applied for unemployment in the last 2 weeks.

TX and FL the next hot spots.

NY – ambulances from across the country are staging at the Bronx Zoo.

  1. Secretary Azar and others must be sure materials will be available to domestic manufacturers so they all have the supplies they need to produce ventilators and other health equipment. (Ah, and how long does it take to get all those materials together and get them to the manufacturers when no one was told they would have to do this?) But, how will the human resources be replaced?  Mass has 749 health care workers testing positive including 151 at one hospital.

A Boston emergency room doctor said, “The gloves I have are size medium and I wear a size extra-large.  Every time I put them on, they break.  I have to wear my mask for 4 shifts.”  He died.

In Boston a group of nurses, “We all have a part to play in flattening the curve.  We are begging you to do your part so we can do ours.”

9 out of 10 Americans are staying home.

11 states still don’t have stay at home orders.

GA’s Kemp said he didn’t know you could pass the virus if you were a systematic.  (He should have lost the last election.  Doctors have been warning about this for the last few weeks.  LOUDLY  REPEATEDLY  CONTINUALLY  It isn’t that he doesn’t know, he doesn’t care because his priorities are different.)

TX and FL are late to do these orders and are probably going to be the new hot spots.

You don’t have to buy a mask.  You can use a scarf or bandana or any mask at all.  Formal guidance will come from the White House.  (When?)

The federal stockpile is nearly depleted so, finally, t is ordering 100,000 ventilators.  FEMA says they won’t arrive until late June.

A RUSSIAN jet is coming to NY with PPEs and other gear.  The Boston Patriots are using their team jet to fly in 1 million masks from China.  (Perhaps we are learning that if we have a inept president, we can get help from the Russians (remember the Cold War and the election attack and the coming election attack) and the Chinese (the “Chinese virus.”  Our enemies are providing more help than our government.)

NY needs ventilators by the tens of thousands.

CA – the shipment of 170 ventilators from the federal stockpile didn’t work and needed repair.  Bloom Energy, who makes fuel cells, offered to help repair the ventilators getting instructions off of Google.

Told reinforcements are on the way, those on the front lines still feel defenseless.

Hopefully we are learning that if we don’t pay attention and require real expertise from our government, it can’t adequately help us even if it has the will.  (Which it hasn’t had until recently, if even recently.)

Nurses in Missouri are writing their last will and testaments.

Some nurses are quitting because of unsafe working conditions.

In New Orleans masks are being stored in paper bags after having been used from 5 t- seven shifts.

Some hospitals are running low on oxygen.  Oxygen tanks are becoming harder and harder to find.  They are “the only thing that helps.”

In California Governor Newsom says masks have been unusually hard to find.  It’s like the wild wild west getting them.  CA got a shipment of masks from TX but had to send them back because they were moldy.

6.6 million applied for unemployment in the last week.

9,955,000 have filed for unemployment in the last 2 weeks.  That doesn’t include the self-employed or those who are unable to apply.

Health insurance:

If you have lost your job and health insurance, the White House will not open enrollment for Obamacare.  Options:

  • If you have lost your job and had health insurance, you may be able to continue existing insurance or have a 60 day window to enroll in Obamacare.
  • If you live in WA, UD, CA, NV, CO, MN, NY, VT, MA, CT, RI, or MD, and you haven’t had a health plan, they have their own health exchanges plans and open enrollment.
  • Can you qualify for coverage through Medicaid?
  • Bottom line, you have a 60 day window to apply for Obamacare at even if the president won’t open enrollment.
  • T’s idea, give a cash payment to uninsured Americans.  (When, how, why not use the existing mechanism for doing so?)

(This is a time when much of the country is desperate for health care.  We don’t even talk about the bills for the families of COVID patients living and dying.  Who is paying for their care?)

Perhaps after all this pain and suffering the country will look at health care for all someway.

When asked about opening enrollment to Obamacare the president punted to the VP who said, “We’ll get through this using the full weight of the federal government and the full strength of the American economy.”  (Horseshit!  The American economy is on its knees.  As usual, the VP gave no details and seemed in lock step with the president.  In other words, from both of them, you all are on your own.  Figure it out yourself or count on your state government if they don’t have their heads up their asses.)

After one month at sea, the two ships were allowed to dock as the cruise line negotiated with FL.  Those needing emergency hospital care were allowed to disembark.  Those who did not need hospitalization had to stay on board.  (Therefore, we can guarantee that next time they dock, more can get off to go to the hospital.)

Particles from a sneeze can carry the virus at speeds of 33-100 feet per second.  A cough can carry from 6-19 feet.  That is why we need appropriate protection even at 6’ away or more.  Social distancing can work.  Fauci questions these findings saying a distance of 6’ is enough.

Ellis Marsalis Jr. dead from COVID


The US has more than twice as many cases as anywhere on earth.

Now the White House says to wear masks when you go out in public.

NY – almost 100,000.  Mt. Sinai Hospital in Brooklyn can’t keep up with the deaths.

Beds are the easiest to provide.  It is the staff and equipment that is hard, especially ventilators – the quest of life and death.  Options:

  • Split ventilators
  • Use anesthesia machines – all elective surgery being postponed for their ventilators.
  • Use CPAP machines
  • Use BIPAP machines (???)


DESPARATE need:  Different states have the apex of their curves at different times.  Design a national strategy that moves with the rolling apex.  The state with the need at the top of the curve gets what they need and then it is moved elsewhere.  (Why does everyone but the federal government understand this?)

NY got 20,000 health care volunteers in three days.  If we want to use American volunteerism, we need a smarter way of deployment.  (I do believe in conspiracy theories sometimes.  I believe that t doesn’t want the nation working together.  It’s easier to divide and conquer.

Fortunately, the Javits Center has a federal staff, beds and equipment.  Good for someone having “enough.”

A correction: the USS Comfort was never to be for COVID patients.

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