Day 16 and 17 of Incarceration, March 31 and April 1

Fast forward to the poll watch from The Week for the week of May 8:

60% of Americans say their $1200 stimulus checks won’t get them out of financial trouble for very long.  22% say all the money would be gone within one week, 24% say within two weeks, and 28% say within three to four weeks.  35% say their first priority for the cash is to pay credit card, insurance and other bills, 23% to buy groceries, and 16% to make a rent or mortgage payments.  (Money/Morning Consult)

March 31, 2020

There are many repetitions of facts in my writing.  There are reasons for this other than the fact I make mistakes.  I watch local, national and cable newscasts.  Some I watch in the morning.  Some I watch in the evening.  Different times and different networks lead to repetition.

The day care center nearby is still open.  The sushi restaurant, which allowed sit in or take out, now only allows take out.  A cleaner closed.  A craft place only opens for pickup.

One good thing about COVID is that there are no longer t rallies encouraging people to disregard stay at home orders or insult the Chinese.

And, now he finally got the hint!  The president announced today the truth everyone else has known.  We are supposed to brace for a very tough two weeks.  Even if we do everything correctly (socially distance, stay at home, use hand sanitizer, wash our hands – you know the litany), it is possible that there will be 100,000 to 240,000 dead Americans from COVID.  This will be a very, very painful two weeks.  (Duh, that is what the governors have been saying, but no one listened.  And the hospitals who will be slammed with these sick folks still do not have all the supplies and equipment they need.)

Finally, TX and SC close essential businesses.

The army is building 343 field hospitals across the country including the convention center in Detroit.

20% of the EMS force is working nonstop with primitive protective gear.

Health professionals are afraid to go home to their families for fear they will take the virus with them.  Many sleep in their cars.

One EMT said, “The question is not ‘if’ we are going to get it (meaning him and his associates), it’s how bad is it going to be when we do.’

FEMA is arranging for 200 ambulances from all over the country.  I’m not sure if it was for NY, Detroit or New Orleans.

USS Roosevelt has 70 sailors who tested positive.  The capitan wants to bring the crew off the COVID infected ship as soon as possible and quarantine them all together.  On the ship they simply cannot keep a safe distance.  He said, “We are not at war.  Sailors do not need to die.”

Will there be a second cycle of the virus in the U.S.?  According to Fauci, yes, when social distancing relaxes until more testing, PPEs and meds happen.  Just because the tests, gear and meds happen, that doesn’t mean the disease is GONE.

It is so sad that t simply couldn’t get the message until it was so late.  It is like we are going through a perfect storm.  T was elected promising to end bureaucracy.  People agreed with him when he said that we can’t trust professionals and experts.  He spent 3 years dismantling many departments and programs, some that are related to infectious disease control.  People agreed with him when he said that the Chinese virus was a hoax perpetuated by the Democrats.  He said governors did not really need all that they asked for.  Now we have no federal experts to do the logistical work that is needed to face this emergency, to provide the protective gear, ventilators, and trained staff.  There is no federal agency making plans for distribution of everything the states need to keep their hospitals running.  The people who are doing that work are governors and, in the case of Tupelo, Mississippi, a mayor (who was overruled by the governor.)  For us, this is the US Coronavirus.

For those families who had sick members before this trauma I can’t even imagine the heart break.  When my husband was dying from cancer two years ago, I had help.  His sister came from Illinois three times.  Friends sat with him to give me a break.  A primary care giver organization gave me hours of respite and light house work.  They even prepared meals.  For families, especially for a spouse alone, none of those luxuries are available.  When my husband went on hospice there were nurses, a doctor, aides to bathe him, a social worker, a chaplain – and at least three other categories of help.  I don’t know what hospice is able to do now, but I’m sure that help isn’t readily and easily available.

April 1, 2020

Today we discovered more closures on our walk.  In the west strip mall another dentist closed and a second was only available for emergencies.  The eye glass shop is only open by appointment to pick up glasses.  They will bring them to the car.  A fingernail and spa shop cut hours before.  Now they are closed.

My Kaiser Hospital called and they are doing some screwy things, which, I suspect, are because they are hammered with the virus situation even though there are less than 100 cases in my county.  They called to cancel my bone density test.  I never made that appointment figuring that it could wait until things are calmer (if ever).  They wanted to cancel my mammogram until later.  Those are so much fun, I wasn’t sure that I wanted to cancel.  They wanted to reschedule my optometry appointment for a day in May.  I had deliberately made an appointment for optometry the same day as my mammogram – in April, not in May.  Pay attention to what the medicine world does.  They are definitely not themselves.

Having someone shop for you is like a grab bag.  They may know what you want but not be able to find it or they may not really know what you want and punt.  At least I’m eating.

The local auction yard, Denios, is closed.  It is a Roseville staple, a huge farmers’ market and swap meet combined.  Some produce sales continue.

Then there is the post office.  I sent a package to India.  Tracking said it arrived in Delhi on the 16th and was sent out to Jaipur, which is only about 150 miles from Delhi  That is 16 days to go a very short way.  A camel would be faster and the US post office has no clue where it might be.

I had a face soap coming from Morocco.  No one knows where it is either, but the post office here says that anything coming in from out of the US is basically quarantined until the package is inspected and passed.  Guess I better buy something else to get me through the future.

Total Deaths due to Covid-19 in USA is 5810 at this moment and total cases are 240529.

Governor Newsom says CA schools will be closed for the rest of the year.  Classes are not cancelled though as they will now be done online.  The state is giving out 20,00 Chrome books so that the kids without computers can do their classwork.  He suggested there may be summer school.  (Wonder how the teachers’ union will take that as the teachers don’t have time off right now.  They are figuring out how to teach online if they already don’t know.  That takes time other than doing the teaching itself.)

1/3rd of the COVID cases are from people who went to church even after the stay at home order.

MIXED MESSAGES:  Newsom says that we probably should be wearing masks – but not until there are enough for health care workers.  Also, officials don’t want to give a false since of security if people are wearing masks.  The CDC and WHO say only the sick need to wear them and those taking care of the sick.

Ford Motor Company is sending 4000 face shields to Sacramento hospitals.

There will be no evictions until the health emergency is over, but you must tell your landlord if COVID is why you aren’t paying your rent.

Help for seniors:

  • Senior hours at grocery stores
  • State-wide hotline to answer questions about shopping and other things. Dial 211.

Stanislaw County has closed all pet grooming shops.

Some veterinarians are offering a service that comes when you download an app.  (Does everything come with an app.?)  The app allows a pet to be “seen” in a virtual office visit and the owners can ask questions.  $35.  Solution to social distancing problems.

No, you should not wash your produce with soap and water.  It is hard to get all the soap off.  Use water and a brush.

The census forms are still coming.  DO THEM!  They mean $2000 per person for your community.

A Turlock youth group shops for seniors for free.  This is a great thing to do, but the 6 girls were shoulder to shoulder in the picture of them and they discussed riding together in a car.  Bad message.


4500 are dead across the country.

Pence said that Italy may be the most comparable area to the US in case of the growth and behavior of the virus.  (Why now?  Rachel Maddow’s guests were talking about that more than a month ago.  Oh, that was probably before t decided there really is a crisis.)

FL, Miss, GA now have stay at home orders.

Florida Gov. DeSantis said that he hadn’t developed a stay at home policy because the White House had not suggested that it was important.  He said that he might have done it sooner if the White House had said to.  (Good example of passing the buck!  But also a comment on how important a national policy is necessary.  44 states had a stay at home policy before he did.  Hasn’t he been watching the news?)

There are two cruise ships of the coast of FL.  Some people on board are each have COVID.  Florida probably won’t allow them to dock.

The USS Roosevelt now has 91 cases.

Cuomo says that as bad as it is in NY, the peak probably won’t come until the end of April.

New York has new guidelines for EMS first responders.

  • For cardiac patients if they can’t get a pulse on their own (the EMTS), don’t transport. There is fear that CPR spreads the virus.  True for preexisting conditions and cancer.
  • NY patients are immediately put on oxygen. If there is no ventilator, leave the oxygen on and hope for the best.

Louisiana is almost out of basic antibiotics.  It is hard to get meds to sedate patients and they need this medication more and more all the time.  The BASIC tools of medicine are disappearing.

Medical workers are always working and the situation takes a mental and physical toll.

Stay away from emergency rooms unless you’re very sick.  “Try to avoid the ER for your own safety,” a cancer patient was told.

Another person with cancer was told she is not eligible for a ventilator if a healthy person needs it.  If you get the virus you will be on comfort care which means morphine.

A 6-week-old baby died of COVID.

The 68-bed hospital in Central Park is being run by Samaritans’ Purse – medical teams and volunteers stepping up.

Gov. Cuomo shut down all the playgrounds and parks.  The NYPD will enforce the shutdown.  How reckless are irresponsible for people to not do it on their own.  (perhaps they believe in Hannity, Limbaugh and t.)

45 states have stay at home orders.  Those who have not seen the light are North and South Dakota, Nebraska and Missouri.

1/3rd of the patients in LA are on ventilators.  (Oops, goofed.  I’m not sure if that is Los Angeles or Louisiana or both.)  Suspect it is Los Angeles as the next information is on a male nurse dying in LA.  In LA county people are coming into the hospital totally healthy otherwise.

OMG, Pence says this is a time people should avoid gatherings of more than ten.  DUH!

The two cruise ships off the coast of FL won’t be able to leave the ship there.  They have 233 sick and 4 dead.  Gov DeSantis said they will accept only Floridians.  He said that the cruise companies must come up with a plan.

Sailors are coming off the USS Roosevelt in Guam.

Phonelines to apply for unemployment are jammed and online application leads to crashing.  US unemployment could reach 47 million or 32% of the population.  That is three times worse than the Great Recession.

People 60 and older, without preexisting conditions – have a 95% chance of survival.  So much for The Kill Zone, thank God.

Over 193,000 have survived worldwide.

Andrew Jack of Star Wars died from COVID.

There are no national measures in place to slow the virus.

Why didn’t t call for a stay at home order?  He said, “Well, in some places like Alaska you wouldn’t need it.  It’s awfully tough to say close it down.”  Alaska already has a stay at home order.

The Surgeon General advises Americans to stay at home, not Trump.  (This announcement helped DeSantis decide to finally do it?  Permission from on high?)

There is a stay at home order now in Georgia where the Gov. Kemp “just” learned today that asymptomatic people can pass the virus.  (Another DUH!)  He won’t sign the bill until tomorrow and it will not be put into effect until Friday.  (Is he mad?  Why wait?)

Gov. Tate Reeves of Mississippi also is waiting until Friday to put his stay at home policy into effect.  (We know he is mad.  He is the one who wouldn’t allow Tupelo to have their own stay at home order.)

PA – state wide order

NV – state wide order.

There is no national policy – only patchwork.

The Pentagon says it still hasn’t sent 2000 ventilators because it hasn’t been told where to send them at a time when states are praying for them.  They haven’t had anyone to talk to as FEMA and Health and Human Services are going along with the t administration, so they hadn’t taken advantage of this critically needed gift.




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