Day 15 of Incarceration, March 30

Pastor Rodney Howard-Browne of The River at Tampa Bay Church


Fast forward from the week of April 24, 2020  According to Gallup, even after governments lift distancing restrictions and businesses and schools start to reopen, 71% of Americans say that they would “wait and see what happens” before interacting with people in public.  10% say they would continue to limit social interactions “indefinitely.”  Only 20% say they would immediately return to their normal activities, including 31% of Republicans and 11% of Democrats.

Day 15 of Incarceration, March 30


Although the AMPM associated with the ARCO gas station was open nearby, the pumps were surrounded with chain link fencing. They were making repairs or something.  Another strip mall was taking advantage of closures to paint the mall.

To the grocery store for a friend who wanted bleach, Dawn Dish Soap and sanitary wipes.  I told her not to get excited about getting these items.  I went and found myself looking at empty shelves.  I was able to get the last two 10 oz. bottles of Clorox and a dish soap neither of us had ever heard of before.  Sanitary wipes – I’d told her.  To get to the cashier we had to stand in a line as usual, but at 6’ intervals and it was easy to do that exactly as there were Xs on the floor at 6’ intervals.  The cashiers were protected from us and vice versa by plexiglass shields.  Then to the post office where we had to be at 6’ intervals marked on the floor.  Only one lane was open and all the other blocked by plastic curtains.  My friend is not in good health.  When I met her to give her the items I’d gotten I had to wait behind her car while she opened the trunk from inside.  Then I put the sacks inside – I’d brought her some other things.  She had the money for me in an envelope.  She had me move 6 feet from the back of the car and she put the money under a tire and got back in the car.  She is my dear friend from 1964 and we couldn’t even hug. The plexiglass protects, but we should still stay 6’ apart, hand wash and use sanitizer.


Governor Newsom calls for 37,000 health care professionals to come to California, a health corps like in New York to alleviate the overwork of the people who have been on the lines for weeks.  He is asking for nursing and medical workers who are about ready to graduate and he wants to relicense retired medical personnel.

The National Guard is converting a convention center in Riverside County, CA, in preparation for when the surge comes.

The experts say the virus will peak here in CA in May.  Right now the health resources are expected to peak in April – as in disappear.  And, they need the results back from tests.

The state superintendents of schools met to discuss:

  • Online learning
  • Giving food to students
  • Helping students with disabilities

Instacart employees go on strike saying they need hazard pay, cleaning supplies and protective gear.  Some Amazon workers in NY did the same.

Hungry families with kids in Sacramento schools get 2 bags of groceries a week through a Food Bank Program.

200 people a day are being tested at Cal Expo.  This is a drive through project financed by Google’s Project Baseline.

  1. said challenging times are ahead. (Gee, only took him months.)


159,184 cases in the United States, or 1 in every 3 Americans have the virus

If we do it CORRECTLY according to Fauci, we can expect from 100,000 to 200,000 deaths from the virus.

The USS Comfort arrived in New York with 1000 staff.  It can only be used for NON COVID patients.

There is a field hospital in Central Park completely equipped with intensive care space, ventilators and all.

911 calls in NY receiving an overwhelming 6000 a day.

5000 members of NYPD out sick

260 firefighters positive.

NY City – $500 fine for not obeying distancing rules.

Maryland – stay at home or face a $5000 fine and something about jail time.

14,000 ventilators needed in LA.

Contention Center – 900 beds – in the Philadelphia Temple University arena – an overflow hospital.


In WA a church choir practiced at the church earlier this month.  They used 6’ distancing, but 45 out of 60 got the virus and two died.

Doctors and nurses are dying.  There is a drastic shortage of masks, PPE gear.  One doctor was given a mask to last a week.

88% of cities don’t have adequate PPEs.

The surge is coming in LA.  The testing is slow and averages 7 days for results.  Right now CA has over 60,000 waiting for results.  They are trying to do 200 tests a day and hope that they can do 10,000 a day next week but need them processed in 24 hours.

Two mega church pastors encouraged parishioners to come to services.  One in Baton Rouge and once in Tampa.  They tried to do social distancing.  Pastor Rodney Howard-Browne of The River at Tampa Bay Church was arrested for reckless disregard.

Mixed messages:

  1. China says the US is doing it all wrong. People are not required to wear masks even if asymptomatic. Even masks of cloth can decrease transmission up to 50%
  2. The White House says the opposite.
  3. Fauci says that when there are adequate masks for health care workers then we might start asking everyone to wear them.
  4. T says all Americans should wear masks.

A mixture of azithromycin and hydroxychloroquine approved for clinical trials as an anti-inflammatory for treating COVID.


US DEATHS DOUBLE EVERY 3 DAYS.  Experts say this is because there is no national policy for staying at home.  (For instance several governors aren’t calling for it.)  There is also no national policy for getting supplies to whoever needs them – it is only patchwork.  Examples:

Florida has no stay at home policy though they have the 6th largest number of cases in the country.

Missouri has no stay at home policy and the cases have increased 600% in one week.

Today there are 1166 cases that tested positive for the virus in Virginia.  Today started their stay at home policy.

Also deciding to implement stay at home: MD, District of Columbia, AZ.

The Marine Corps closed Parris Island, a training center.

The first American service member died today – he was in the National Guard.

Cuomo mandates stay at home for New York.

From Jacoby Hospital in the Bronx: Nurses stand outside on the field – 6’ apart – with signs saying things like

“Will Work for a new N95.”

“Help!  We need PPE.”

In response (my comment), FEMA sending more refrigerated trucks to help with morgue capacity.  The military has sent 42 personnel to the Manhattan Medical Examiner’s office to help process the bodies.

DeBlasio and Cuomo calling for

A NATIONAL SURGE HUMAN RESOURCE to keep track of supplies.  They announced that ALL hospitals in NYC will work as one system: share staff: share resources.  If one doesn’t have something, rather than have the hospital search for it, there will be help from all the others hospitals – public, private …

Javits Center opened today.

Cuomo originally asked t. to make the Javits Center and the USS Comfort take care of COVID patients.  Neither are.  They are being used for non COVID patients.  (They probably figured that they knew more about the situation than locals who had been doing so much good.)


Options to work around the current policy of this government:

Medical and equipment suppliers are having trouble deciding where scarce medical goods are to be sent.  In a letter to the FEMA director the administrator of Health Industry Distributors Association said that they need at least zip codes to figure out jurisdiction or care facilities where there is greatest need.  Only the feds have the data and authority for the whole country to build a systematic strategic direction to supply health care systems.

  • It needs to be clear how to get what is needed where you are. Take the equipment from a city that doesn’t need it to one that does.  Move supplies around based on need.  Put the Pentagon in charge of this.  They are AMAZING at   They have the trucks and other equipment to move whatever needs to be moved from one place to another.  Criteria – greatest need.  It would be like a lending library – all the needed information in one place.
  • Hire doctors and other workers from China to do the things that are needed to give staffs a break. Most have probably had it, so they are immune, they’ve been doing it and so they are current with what should be done.  They have experience.

You’d need translators and they would be workers and would get wages.  They probably would want to come since we pay better than anywhere else.

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