Days 13 and 14 of Incarceration, March 28 and 29

Checkpoint stopping people from out of state

The local See’s Candy shop has been closed locally for several days.  I thought I was clever so I ordered myself a pound of my favorite online.  It hasn’t come so I went online to track it.  Well, it isn’t just the local stores that are closed, so is the online shop.

California DMV is closed.  Oh well, we are used to it being non-functional.


A power generator company is looking for old ventilators so they can be refurbished.

GM is looking at turning out 10,000 generators.

T is considering an “enforceable” quarantine on the East Coast, especially New York – a short term quarantine up to two weeks.  (Isn’t he a little late and is this the possible beginning of martial law?  I apologize.  Nothing would surprise me anymore.)

On David Muir’s national news, Governor Cuomo said this about the quarantine: this is a federal declaration of war on the states.  The states included are NY, Conn and NJ.  Then he said, “I don’t know what that means or how it could be legally enforced or what it could accomplish.”

New York has pushed its primary back to June 23.  Normally it is April 28.  According to Cuomo, the election would pack too many people into a closed area and the same pen used to mark the ballots would be touched by many.

Sacramento only gets 200 tests a day.  The test kits are administered at the county fairgrounds.

Sacramento County is extending its school closures.

The NRA is suing Governor Newsom over gun store closures.  The stores are closed because of the stay at home order.  They are not essential businesses.  The NRA says the order violates their Second Amendment rights.

If you wanted to buy a home in this area you have to shop for it online.  There are no showings, no listing appointments, no open homes, and no property inspections.  Sellers don’t like to have people in and out of their homes.  (This seems like a BAD time to sell a house for many reasons.  A bad time to make all the contacts that are involved with the bank, the escrow arrangements, the title company, packing, filling a van that has been God only knows where and all the personal contact.)

A new restaurant opened on 3/20.  They never had indoor patrons, but apparently their food is so good and the word is so positive on social media that they are successful and sell out daily.

Wow, we have only been at this at one level or another for 14 days and people are already talking about what they look forward to most when it is over.  Unfortunately, I think they have a long time to ponder that thought coming yet.

Chicago is converting a convention center to a hospital with 3000 beds.

3 members of the NYPD have died since yesterday.  A baby in Chicago died yesterday.

California = empty beaches.

T says other states have asked for the quarantine of NY, NJ and Conn.  Those states are TX, SC, FL and MD.  I don’t know about SC and MD, but both TX and FL have taken some of the least action to protect their own state.  Interesting.   Rhode Island says that any people coming from these states must self-quarantine for 14 days. The governor of Texas only shut down that state 3 days ago.  As of the 26th the governor of South Carolina says there is no reason to shelter in place.  As of three days ago, Florida has not sheltered in place.  (Columbia, SC is thinking of having the police stop people who are not sheltering.  Interesting how cities can be much wiser than governors or the president for that matter.)

Rhode Island has the national Guard meeting the trains and checking passenger tickets.  If the passenger is from NY or Louisiana, they are subject to a 14-day quarantine.  The governor has the National Guard go door to door looking for people who have traveled from New York.  The Guard is getting information including contact information.  They are told to self-quarantine.  State troopers are looking at license plates, too.  (Interesting, it was today that the governor said her people must shelter in place.  The inaction of these governors for whatever reasons may be the reason that the disease is there.  Better to take action against others.  If it wasn’t for NY, NJ and Conn, there probably wouldn’t be any COVID in their states.  Give me a break.)

The mayor of New Orleans said she would have cancelled Mardi Gras if there had been more guidance from the feds at that time.

Los Angles closing beaches and hiking trails.

Cuomo is building 4 more hospitals.  Referring again to the t quarantine, Cuomo said a multi-state quarantine would be illegal and more like a lock down.  The Conn governor said he wants to talk to t because confusion could lead to panic.  (I think that is what t is hoping for – it is his style.)

90% of mayors across the country say they don’t have an adequate supply of test kits or masks or ventilators.  (What’s new?)

The t administration is perturbed that doctors are saying they are deciding about the safety of patients or their own safety.

New York said that, if they don’t get ventilators they might need to use “big valve masks” – ventilators requiring a person to continuously pump them.  (Where is that staff coming from?)

Louisiana is running out of space.  A Queens’ hospital is running out of space.

One nurse says he is using the same mask that he has had for a week.  Another said “We are being exposed.”  A third, “This is scary – short of masks and PPEs, but also Tylenol.  I don’t know what I can do to save people anymore.”

A Michigan nurse said that she only had one mask for the year (bet she said week and I misquoted her).  Either is unacceptable.  The hospital said they follow CDC guidelines including their conversation guides for PPE.

Michigan declares a disaster.  Also NY, MA, NJ, Guam, Puerto Rico, MD, NC, SC, FL, LA, TX, MO, IL, IA, WA, CA.

Young people, pay attention.  1 in 5 cases are people from 20 – 44.  Has the virus mutated again?

T says states should be more appreciative of what we (his administration) are doing for them:  Gov. Insley of Washington and Gov. Whitmer of Michigan, in particular.  “I think we’ve done a great job – and the governor (Insley) is a failed presidential candidate, you know.”  “Gretchen Whitmer has no idea what’s going on.”

Insley, “It would be very helpful if the federal government would be more assertive and aggressive helping all of us.

T told Pence, “Don’t bother with them.  Don’t call the governor in WA, you’re wasting your time with him.  Don’t call the woman in Michigan.”

Whitmer said, “What I’ve gotten back from venders with whom we had contracts is that they are now being told not to send stuff here to Michigan.”  Told by whom as if we didn’t know.  Pence DID call and they received 112,000 N95 masks from the national stockpile with 8000 more on the way.

Italy now has more than 10,000 deaths.

Now it’s Spain with 830 dying in 24 hours.

China is sending more than 6000 masks to Spain.  (They are a lot smarter than we are.  The Chinese earn good will and save lives.  What do we get?)

A Boston doctor is using a combination of Hydroxychloroquine and azithromycin on patients who have severe COVID with severe oxygen levels.  It is not used routinely.  Promising in the lab, but there are conflicting studies from France and Shanghai where there are larger trials.

On the other hand, what if Boston Market closed and I couldn’t get yummy prime rib at a terrific price anymore?

According to the New York Times after considering the one billion dollar price tag for ventilators, the White House has had second thoughts about buying them from GM.  Apparently some government official expressed concern about the possibilities of ordering too many ventilators, leaving them with an expensive surplus.  So, Trump used the Defense Production Act to force GM to make them.  Ventilators normally cost $25,000 apiece.  (I’m not surprised that human lives are less important than making sure that he is making a great deal.  The longer he dallied….)  GM says they have been working around the clock to meet the need.

(Saving money makes me think of the wall between us and Mexico.  Remember all those kids that were ripped from the hands of their families?  What is going on with them in general and in terms of COVID in particular?)

t doesn’t believe Cuomo when Cuomo says he needs 30,000 ventilators. Cuomo’s comment is that he hopes t is right and this entire nightmare is a figment of his imagination, but “I go by the numbers and the science.”

The governor of Louisiana orders 1200 ventilators “many days ago” and has gotten 192.

80 people went to church in Chicago earlier this month – they practiced social distancing – 40 got the virus including the pastor.

4000 New York City officers are calling in sick waiting for the results of their tests.  They suffered their first death today.

Student loans are suspended for 6 months.  YEA!


Medical experts are conducting experiments on using the antibodies from the survivors of the virus to save others.

The bill passed to aid Americans in many ways and, at the same time the Dow dropped 915 points. (Why do we plan our world around the stock market?)

“We have the worst testing access in the industrialized world.”

New York patients hospitalized: Sat. 1450 cases, Sun. 1800 cases, Mon. 2213 cases, Tue. 2850 cases, Wed. 3922, Thurs. 4720 cases, Fri. 5250.

Doctors think CPAP machines can free up ventilators.

New York: hard for nurses and doctors to get tested and they are working with the virus all day.

New York announces the Medical Reserve Corps – people coming from around the country to take the place of the health care staffs who are working so hard.

Colorado had 900 ventilators and suspect they will need 7000 at the peak of the epidemic according to Governor Polis.

When Georgia’s Phoebe Putman Hospital looked at what was coming, they stockpiled 6 months of supplies and burned their way through them in 7 days.  All ICU beds are full. They need more workers to replace 18 sick staff and to staff a new hospital.  The head of the hospital told those who are positive to show up anyway.


Day 14 of Incarceration, March 29

My experience:  We went for a long walk on a bike trail.  Someone had painted about 15 rocks with sayings on them: You are gorgeous, Smile and a number of others.  It was a very sweet experience.  Very thoughtful.


The FDA has approved a test that gives test results fast.

As they pick our food, are the pickers following the correct guidelines?  We should expect an even bigger labor shortage as a lot of farm workers intend to stay in Mexico this year because they are afraid, they will get the virus.  (That is all they afraid of here?)  Cherries get picked in May and at that time there will be some idea of how much labor shortage there may be.  A second reason they might not come is that they get no unemployment benefits here, so there is no incentive to come here in case they get ill.  According to the laborer’s representative, the owners are doing nothing to teach the workers about social distancing, washing their hands…  Masks are in short supply.  There is the virus, but if crops are sprayed with chemicals, there is no protection either.  The Farm Bureau says they are taking steps to help the owners and there is help on their website.

At a t press conference

  • We expect to keep things down, people staying in place until 4/20 as opposed to Easter – two more weeks.
  • I’ve decided that quarantining NY, NJ and Conn. is not necessary. Instead the CDE is giving a travel advisory for the tri state area.

Nurses are protesting outside hospitals in South Carolina, “We shouldn’t be scared and working without the right equipment.”

710,918 cases world wide

Weekend farmers markets sellers say it has been bad for the last 3 weeks, but they are doing things to make people feel safer like bagging items for the buyers rather than letting the buyers handle the items to choose which they want.

There is no evidence of food or food packaging being associated with transmission of COVID.

Let a house keeper in?  I wondered about this.  This is both from the point of view of the cleaning person and the house owner.

  • CDC – guidelines say that if no one is sick, yes, but limit contact.
  • One infectious disease specialist – ask that the house keeper NOT come for a few weeks.
  • A second specialist – if you are young and healthy, it is ok if the people are washing their hands
  • American Association of Cleaning Professionals – work as normal in gloves and face mask.

Taking this at home time to clean out your garage?  Good Will and the Salvation Army are closed.  Salvage and junk haulers will move it for a fee.

Since people can’t have birthday parties, they are having birthday parades.


NYPD has almost 900 positives.

Cuomo extends the work from home order 2 weeks.

In terms of the t’s travel advisory for NY, NJ, Conn Cuomo say that he and the other governors feel under attack and that they are threatening to sue.  (All three governors are Democrats.)

Rhode Island – state police and the national guard are stopping ALL out of state cars making sure that they self-quarantine.  (If they are just driving through?)  The governor MANDATES quarantine for all out of state visitors. (Where will they put them all?)

Texas governor – airline passengers coming from several states – CA, LA, WA – must quarantine for 14 days.  (Why not just make an order for them to stay out?  If you are doing “essential business or just dropping by, you must stay for 14 day?)

Florida has checkpoints on the highways to warn drivers.

Governors are competing with other states and the feds for supplies.  In some cases, the feds get preference.

Louisiana saw 837 cases last Sunday.  Today, the next Sunday, they have more than 3000 cases.

The Republican governor of Maryland says, “t’s messaging that all will return to normal soon is NOT helpful.  We’ll follow doctors and scientists.  Most governors are going to do what they think is right in their own states to save lives.”

Governor Newsom says that many of the mothballed ventilators from the stockpile are faulty and require repair.

Newsom says we are getting our supplies from the world.  How do you get them here: airplanes from Elon Musk and Branson.  I just wrote a check for $ one hundred and one million.  California is getting masks from Hong Kong.  I’ve distributed 31.795 million.  At the start of the virus, the feds only had 13 mil.

TX has new travel restrictions: NY, New Orleans and Miami.  MIAMI – first time this city has appeared.

Governor Insley of WA still hasn’t sufficient supplies and they are in desperate need of testing kits.  He says we need to mobilize the nation as we did in World War II in order to get enough kits.

The Army is brought in to “fix” the cavernous convention center outside Seahawk Stadium for the overflow for NON – COVID patients.  In Florida

Newsom says we need a wartime mentality.  We need to come up with thousands of ICU beds in the state, but that will not be enough.

Doctors and nurses still praying for help and offering more nightmare comments.  Some hospitals are using their lobbies for patients.

CDC says that a scarf or bandana or homemade mask might be good as a last resort.  News out of China says cloth masks put the wearers at 13 times the risk compared to surgical masks.

Even people who get “better” have to go 7 days without a cough (if that was their major symptom) before they can see their families again.

The Javits Center is NOT for COVID patients.

The United Kingdom is on lock down to June and probably longer.

For entertainment.  Some brothers have created a squash court in their basement.  A man set out a course and literally trained or and is running a marathon in his yard.

A business who makes baseball uniforms now makes pinstripe gowns for health care workers.



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