Incarceration Day 7 and 8

Day 7 of Incarceration, 3/22

We walked 4 miles.  It was very strange.  It was a usual Sunday morning – too early for church – but a time there is normally traffic.  I bet there was only 20% of the usual traffic and 80% of that was Fed Ex trucks.  We have a Fed Ex facility about 2 miles away.

The editor of The Week wrote …” we will continue to create, print, and deliver the magazine every week.  We are in close contact with the United States Postal Service, and do not believe this time there will be any major disruptions in service.”  THIS time?  I hadn’t even thought of the post office.

An aid package is working its way through the Legislature.  The Democrats have blocked it because most of the money goes to corporations and the airlines, 500 billion, rather than workers.  Will the Republicans ever care about people who can’t eat?  The treasury secretary says workers will only get one check.  T. said 2.  Even 2 will not be enough.  McConnell says it will be voted on tomorrow.  Pres says ok for remote voting, but according to reporters – it probably won’t happen.

Mitt Romney is in self isolation because he spent time with Rand Paul who has the virus.

The governor of New Jersey said that the feds have given us only a small part of what we have asked for.

Russia has announced fewer cases of the disease than Luxembourg.  Gee, I wonder why.

The Olympics will be postponed to 2021.  Sorry Japan.

No visitors are allowed at the Butte County Jail.

Several senators now have IT.  There is no voting remotely now.  Wonder what they will do.

What is wrong with people?  I wrote about the young people crowding the beaches in Florida, they are now flooding the parks in New York. Are they mad?  Have they no idea of what is going on?  They are literally refusing to cooperate.  Florida has closed beaches.  Cuomo said they are just irresponsible and several other things.

Blasio intends to crack down saying that youths don’t realize the impact they can have on others’ lives.  They don’t seem to care.

The second US ship will be going to Seattle.

FEMA says some states will have to wait for masks and protective gear.  The head of FEMA, when questioned about when the masks will ship said yesterday, today and tomorrow.  These are the masks we already have that are in national stockpiles.

Some hospitals have had a 50% surge in patients.

In New Jersey, the governor says that only SEVERE cases can get tests.  The damn thing is that each person who has it infects at least two other people usually.  We don’t even know who has it.

The Columbia University Chief Surgeon said that they need 40,000 masks a day and there has been a 50% increase.  He doesn’t expect the peak to come for another 30 days.

Interesting, the model we are using for how to fight this pandemic is Italy.  An announcer pointed out we should be using the Chinese model.  It works.  They have no new cases finally.  (If what they say is true.)

Researcher at a California university think the number of cases is understated.  He suspects the number is eleven times higher than officially reported.  He says that 650,000 may be infected over the next 2 months even if the transmission rate is cut in half.

Washington and California are now declared disaster areas.

Amazon says it will hire 100,00 and raise their wages

Walmart says it will hire 150,000

Domino’s says it will hire 10,000 and expand deliveries.

Angela Merkle is in isolation as her doctor tested positive.

Day 8 of Incarceration, 3/23

We didn’t walk today.  My handy-woman came.  She was here quite a while but we stayed apart.  Cleaning lady tomorrow.  We’ll stay apart and she has her hands in cleaning solution.  I hope this isn’t a mistake.  It could kill me if it is.  I think they are essential workers.  In the case of the handy-woman, I don’t even know what she knows how to do.  I don’t know if I even know how to clean any more.

Good News.  Italy had FEWER new cases today.  I think they had over 600 – their highest – yesterday and their stats have been above 400 for several days.

The Week: “What a grim irony.  In January Americans mocked Chinese officials for their Orwellian virus response, smugly noting how the communist regime delayed its response for three weeks, threatening doctors into silence and insisting that no medical staff had fallen will when the opposite was plainly true.  Now the very same farce has played out in the U.S., with t administration officials slow-walking testing for weeks so as not to anger the president, who preferred to downplay the threat to protect his ‘political prospects.’  This is what you expect in totalitarian police state-not here.”  I disagree.  Under t this is exactly what we should expect here.

“T voters are getting exactly what they asked for ‘in spades,’ said Julia Ioffe in  He promised he would smash the bureaucracy and the deep state ‘to smithereens’ and then dance on the rubble.  Now all Americans must pay the price for a dysfunctional federal government that relies on a ‘one-man, megalomaniacal savior’ rather than on the thousands of dedicated, professional public servants we once had.  Let’s hope many people don’t die as a result.”   T said he could shoot someone in Times Square and no one would do anything about it.  This is so much better than one person, it could be thousands by the time we are done.  And he could get reelected.

Governor Newsom talked about buying 1 billion pairs of gloves and 10 million masks today.  What a comparison between t and Newsom at press conferences.  T. reads whatever he has to say.  T. is onstage with several people – so much for social distancing.  T. gives glittering generalization and inane “pep” talks.  He reminds me of a kid giving a speech in high school.  There is no one “signing” what he is saying.  (There is a good reason for this!)  He gets off as quickly as possible though he may take a question occasionally which he hems and haws about or is angered with the reporter that asks it.  It is as though no one has control of the world we are sinking in.

I assume Governor Newsom is using a teleprompter, however, it seems that he is looking right into my eyes, that he knows what is happening and he wants to share it with me.  He is alone.  He has a list of topics to discuss and he discusses them in detail: why they are important, what is being done and what is coming in the future.  He KNOWS this stuff giving facts and figures and recalling people who he has talked with and what they said.  He gives credit to those who have made a difference and compliments their efforts.  There is someone “signing” what he is saying.  He speaks until everything has been covered and then takes questions until they are all answered.  He is a professional manager and more.  He inspires trust, that there is someone who has an understanding and control of the situation.  He makes me feel safe.  Mayor Cuomo of New York has the same approach.

Newsome said that states need block grants so they don’t spend all their unemployment funds.  They will run short soon.

California are putting all or at the least symptomatic homeless into motels.

California needs 20,000 beds.  They have 30,000 of them.  They are looking at using convention centers and fairgrounds for hospitals and are recruiting 4-year doctors and retirees to do the work that is needed.

California is unusual because of where we sit and our relationships with China where they are planning to order more supplies.  Most states can’t do this.  Elon Musk has donated 100 ventilators.

They are working on the criteria they will use to determine when parks and recreation areas will be used again.  For right now, state parking lots and some parks will be closed to make sure people are distancing themselves.

COVID is now in every country.

In Hayward people lined up in their cars 3 hours early for tests.  Most were not sick enough or weren’t sick but wanted to make sure.

Roseville has started more police patrols.

Cuomo says the feds are sending 358,000 masks from the national stockpile.  Why haven’t they been sent already.  He said, “We are not counting on the stockpile.  We need 200 million.”  I’m sure that would please t who thinks that the states are responsible for getting these materials.  The feds, he said, are not responsible for shipping.

There are 20,000 infected with CV in New York.

Cuomo says that they now need 40,000 masks, etc. a day where they normally need 4,000.

Cuomo tells hospitals they must increase their capacity by 50%

The Army Corps of Engineers and National Guard are building a hospital in New York now.  They are working on the Javits Convention Center, but it won’t be ready for 7-10 days.  This will be at least 1000 beds. It is for the overflow of COVID patients if the situation gets dire.

Although Florida has less policies in place – like beaches still open – at this writing, if anyone from New York or New Jersey flies into the state, they should be ready to self-quarantine for 14 days.  Not the kids we see on the beaches?

Ten military hospitals are being set up in Seattle and they say they think it will take only 72 hours.

In New York half the patients are between 18 and 44.

Cuomo worries that there will be no accountability for how corporations spend the money they receive in the aid bill working its way through Congress.

The US Surgeon General says that it is going to get BAD!  This is right after t said that he wants the nation to be up on its feet by Easter.  (He lives in la la land.)  t tweeted about social distancing saying, “We can’t let the cure be worse than the problem.”  India and Nepal have shut down for their entire populations.  Why won’t t do it?  Instead he says, “At the end of the 15-day period, we will make a decision as to which way we want to go.”  He suggests we will be open for business by then, not in 3 or 4 months.  Funny.  I wrote earlier that he said this would probably last at least until July or August.  Wonder who got to him.

17 states have closed everything in the state except essentials and have told their citizens to stay home.

People are waiting for days for testing results.

There are long lines of cars at food pantry and the unemployed begin to go hungry.

Governors are begging for MORE SUPPLIES.  In Utah citizens are using cheer leading outfits to make masks and gloves.

The vice present wants governors to talk to anesthesiologists about converting a device they now have to be used as a ventilator.  He says there are tens of thousands of anesthesiologists out there.

Several officials have said that many youths across the country being irresponsible since they are putting so many folks at risk by refusing to socially distance.  Cops are talking about breaking up “parties” and there will be penalties.

Question, why is it hitting the young and babies HERE where it hasn’t other places?

The Democrats have blocked a two trillion aid package because it doesn’t take care of the unemployed.

Lindsay Graham says he’s making decisions on health care professionals not punditry.  Since when?

Italy had over 600 deaths again today and Spain had over 400.

Angela Merkle tested negative for it but is on house arrest because her doctor tested positive.

Vaping is not good for the lungs.  This is the best time to STOP.

Baltimore is turning a convention center and adjacent Hilton Hotel into a field hospital.

Idaho has done nothing yet.

t says GM and Ford are making ventilators. They aren’t according to the facts.

A sorry thought.  Nature’s first punch – the weather.  The second punch – COVID.  The third?  If half the people in the country die, then a lot of problems will be solved.

Trucking definitely an essential business.



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  1. The CA governor said he was going to have many more tested in the coming days. That’s good news.

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