Incarceration Day 5 and 6

Before I give you reactions for 3/20, I will give you the results of a poll from the week of April 3.

89% of Americans support free testing for COVID, and 84% support paid sick leave for laid-off workers.  27% say they were working from home.  Just 22% said they had bought extra toilet paper.  45% think most Americans are overacting to the risks of contracting COVID-19.  YouGov/The Economist.

Day 5 of Incarceration, 3/20

Walked four miles today to the west again.  The massage parlor and nail/spa shops are closed.  There is a beer bar open only for takeout.  Can you take beer out?  Other bars have said they are open for takeout.  Is that legal?  I know open containers are illegal.  The cleaners is closed as there are no workers to press and clean.  They are all on house arrest.

We saw more people walking – partially because it is a gorgeous day.  But they were many more fathers with baby carriages than usual.

Grocery stores are hiring people laid off from other jobs.  They will deliver food and do the other things that must be done as groceries stores are being hammered trying to keep up with the need.  They are also offering old folk’s hours.

I haven’t turned on the news today.  I am afraid, I am so afraid.  (Not really, but it is disconcerting to watching the world close in on us and the death toll rising as the government still seems to have its head up its ass.)

IRS has put the tax deadline off from April 15 to July 15.  I bet that makes our tax man happy.

Another rule in California.  You can have friends over, but not more than 6 non-relatives.  Now who figured out that number?

Families are suffering.  There is a large family in Chicago.  Last night 20 of them had the virus and 4 had died including the matriarch.

Moe needs a prescription.  Although I’m not allowed in the vet’s office, he is.  I have to go, park, call them and they will bring whatever I need to the car.

Two Republican senators sold stock as the Dow plummeted again today.  They got a briefing and took advantage.  Luckily, I don’t expect ethics.

Mixed messages – again:

The VP has a team who is working to make getting all the things done that must be.  They don’t seem to hear that masks, PPE and tests would fix a lot.  They seem totally incapable of understanding what is going on.

Men are dying two times more than women from the virus.  They thought that young people weren’t getting it, but 38-40% of the people in intensive care are between 20 and 44.

Chicago is frantically looking for more beds.

The VA is not testing vets.

Health authorities are frantically looking for masks and gloves.  They are begging contractors and veterinarians for them among other folks that use them.

Oregon is building a 250-person hospital at the fairgrounds.  Some of those building are military.  From where?

California has purchased 2 hospitals and hotels and motels getting ready for the health crush.

  1. is so proud that the U.S. hospital ships, Mercy and Comfort, are being deployed. One goes to New York. The other goes to either Los Angeles or Seattle, but it will take at least 3 weeks to get there.

7:00 PM tonight t. finally announced New York as a major disaster area.  Good thing because they are thinking of overhauling the Javits Center and college dorms to take patients.

  1. did invoke the Korean War act that lets him take over industry. Nothing done or announced that we can see yet.

In New York public transport is ONLY for emergencies.  “This is the most drastic action we can take.”

Washington: we are almost to the point where we will have to decide who will respond to treatment and who will not, and treat the former.  Triage care.

Day 6 of Incarceration, 3/21

Walked 4 miles.  Our eastern strip mall now has added a closed gift shop, and Starbucks for sure. The cleaners is operating on very short hours.

The western strip mall now has added a second closed dentist, a closed Kumon tutorial, and another shop (can’t read my writing).

Talked with Halle in Chicago.  The acting community has been hit really hard as most of them also are servers in bars and restaurants.

I haven’t been to a store, so I haven’t seen all the empty shelves except on TV.

What do people do for sitters for their kids?  Can’t use grandparents.

Mt. Everest is closed to all climbers.

Italy no longer has cemetery space.

3 million people filed for unemployment today.

Koval Whiskey Distillery, who make high end whiskey, has begun making hand sanitizer.  I could use vodka or gin in a pinch – vodka first.  I prefer to drink the gin.

The president is now pushing a drug combo to save us.  People who know say that they don’t know if it will be effective and say it must have more tests.  What can he get right?  For instance, the idea of social distancing.  We aren’t supposed to get closer than 6 feet.  But every time he has a press conference, though the reporters are positioned 6 feet apart, the pres and all of his assistants are huddled close together on the screen.  I’m not surprised as far as they are concerned except for Fauci who knows better and goes along with it.  So much for do as I say, not as I do.

In another case t wants meds approved and Fauci doesn’t know what the president is referring to.

Some grocery stores are only letting in a few people at a time.

My veterinarian has come up with a system.  I have long apologized to Moe that I can’t take him into restaurants and groceries.  The worm has turned.  If he needs to go to the vet, I can’t go in.  I call from the parking lot and they come out to get him when they can.

I can usually get orders from Chewy overnight.  The order I made today may take 7-10 days.

Since she is home teaching, my neighbor has to provide PE.  She said they found out early that pillow fights don’t work.  Her son got hurt and ended up crying.

I was talking to my sister in law about what may happen with the election.  Figure t. will postpone the election and then impose martial law.  This is his perfect opportunity.

Two of her granddaughters – 13 – have been acting strangely.  She thinks it is that they are afraid.

Libraries and book stores are closed.  Where do you get something to read?

When her son goes to work in heating and air-conditioning, he first has to have his temperature taken and then he has to wear a gown.

Authorities are reminding folks that there are rules against price gouging and hoarding.

I’m really surprised there hasn’t been violence anywhere.  No cops called out or anything.

China’s air quality has improved and ours is expected to.  Until we all go back to how it was before.  Mother Nature has found a way to get our attention.

Nebraska, short on masks, etc., is using UV light to clean them for reuse.

Some places are doing the triage planning for giving the tests.  There are three:

  • Hospitalized people with symptoms of the virus
  • Symptomatic health care workers
  • Seniors in long term homes or with preexisting conditions. Gee, having a preexisting condition can finally pay off.

New Jersey now has joined the other states – don’t go out except for essentials.

New York is only testing hospitalized patients to save on tests, masks and equipment. FEMA will reimburse.

The FDA is working on a rapid response to testing at the end of the month.  The country needs results in hours, not days.

Pence asked companies to donate face masks.

DON’T TRAVEL UNLESS YOU MUST says the pres.  Again, a little late.

The Army Corps of Engineers is NOW, FINALLY starting work on the Javits center in New York and 4 other locations.

TODAY t. ordered hundreds of millions of masks, but he doesn’t know how long it will be until they come.

Hanes and Apple are making masks or PPEs or…  They can figure out they are useful even if the pres can’t.

Fauci says not everyone needs testing.


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