Incarceration Day 3 and 4

Day 3 of Incarceration, 3/18

Walked 4 miles.  We have two strip malls nearby.  Today we went through the one to the west.  There is a “tutorial” shop for helping students not doing well in school.  The sign on the door says the kids can take their workbooks home.  But there was no one inside.

The dentist office is closed except for emergencies – please call this number.

The “all you can eat” sushi restaurant is open.  We will serve you if you choose to sit, but we strongly suggest you take your food out.

We (Moe and I) saw 4 boys between ten and twelve, delighted to be out of school I supposed, riding their scooters the appropriate 6 feet apart.  But then lifting rocks together one on one to build a wall.  Did someone miss the message that we are keeping kids out of school to get them to stay home.  A mile or so later there were two boys sitting shoulder to shoulder and hip to hip eating.  Raises the question of what to do with kids who, with no school, will not follow the protocol?  A teacher, my mind immediately went to why their parents weren’t keeping them home.  HOWEVER, before you scream at me, how do parents keep kids home if they HAVE to go to work.  The kids are old enough to stay home alone.  If they will.

We passed a couple going the other way and yelled across the two-lane street at each other.  “Do you think we are far enough apart?”  I don’t know them, but they are my age so probably retired.  They had to cancel a trip to Ohio to see their grandchildren.

According to the news few, if any, schools will be reopened before summer break.  There won’t be any testing: finals, SATs, ACTs…

Trump has a relief program.  He said $1000.  Will I get any?  Will he remember what he said and actually do it.  I KNOW he will bail the airlines out and I guess that is alright, but I still think they have spent the time since 9/11 gouging their consumers.  Perhaps the relief they receive that they have to provide relief as well.  I have flown Royal Air Maroc and Air India in less than a year.  How come THEY have leg room and other amenities?  I do hope the small business loans are given before it is too late.

There is supposed to be a senior online location where seniors can get health care information.

The border is now closed between the US and Canada to any non-essential travel.

Trump may invoke the war powers enacted during the Korean war in order to take over our industries.  Can martial law be far behind.  (only if he wants it to be)

Talked to a friend who had to make two trips to town because she had forgotten hearing aid batteries for the duration.  I wonder how much we will learn to do without.

At a press briefing t said that there were only 15 cases of the virus and that the problem would be magically be gone overnight.  That was about the time he should have been gearing up the country to fight this threat efficiently and immediately.  Obviously, he didn’t know what he was doing then.  Now he says that the virus emergency just came up and caught us by surprise.  Maybe it caught him by surprise, but the rest of us have been watching since December.  Do we believe him when he says that the virus may be with us until July or August?  We can’t believe him but July and August would be a real stretch for quarantined Americans, not the most patient of people.  That’s 4-5 months.  Whole families will have murdered one another in that length of time.  Computer systems will self-immolate, trying to keep teachers and kids doing the same thing at the same time.

Two neighbors (teachers in two separate families on the block) are dealing with the learning curve of teaching online.  How do you know the kids are there?  One said that Daily Average Attendance (ADA) won’t be the way schools have to figure their budget.  Both are homeschooling, as well.  One gal on the block is an actress and singer at high school and in community theatre.  So far, one play opened one night and closed the same night.  No groups of 100 or by t.’s calculation 10 can meet together, so I suspect she is very disappointed.  But, so are all the high school and college graduates, and for that matter, the brides and grooms.  My bother- in- law passed away and could have no mass or the other usual funeral rites of a Catholic – oh, and only 8 people at the burial.

Day 4 of Incarceration, 3/19

“Mandatory” has arrived.  Yolo County now mandates shelter in place as do the cities of Davis and Sacramento (Yolo in the morning and the other two by the end of the day.)

Ford, Fiat Chrysler and GM are closing down making cars.  The Army Corps of Engineers are ready and waiting to start building whatever states and local areas need – i.e. field hospitals.  One town in Washington is building their own hospital on a soccer field, since no one has asked the ACE to act yet.  Doctors and hospitals are pleading for masks and protective gear, reusing masks until they fall apart.  t. and Pence say there are plenty of masks and PPE out there and more are coming.  Gee, who do I believe.  I just hope we avoid the spike and round off the number getting the virus before it is too late.

Some organizations are actually following online patterns to make masks for the health community.  Does that sound like there are enough out there?  The medical reports on the news say that the most important thing we can do is get people tested, because knowing who has the disease is the best way to know how huge the number of victims and how to cut down on the impact of the disease in the near future.  If we could win WWII and put a man on the moon, why can’t we make enough masks or testing kits?  Oh, those things happened long ago and under Democratic administrations!

In Sacramento they are “confiscating” motels and more public buildings for the homeless.  I’m sure there are people who scream about it because these people shouldn’t be given a place to stay, but if each person with the disease infects 2 or 3 people, then…

Governor Newsom says that people need to be looking seriously at home schooling because kids probably won’t go back to school before the end of the year.

I was glad to see that the apprentice program I was going to continue postponed its third weekend, which would have occurred in April. I cancelled my trip to Redding to see two friends.  Neither one is well.

Yesterday a reporter asked t. why he keeps calling this the Chinese virus.  She pointed out that Chinese Americans were being attacked because of it.  Even his czar for dealing with the disease doesn’t say Chinese.  t looked a bit miffed and said, “Well, it came from China.”   Obviously Chinese Americans can take care of themselves.

And, regardless of the country that the virus comes from, from the reading I’m beginning to do, it looks like climate change may lead to an increasing number of viruses being unleashed.  I must read more, but if this is true, so should t.  I know he doesn’t believe in climate change, though.


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