Engagements 2018


April 10 Sherie participates in a Black Talk Sacramento podcast


March 11  Sherie spoke at The Brickhouse Gallery and Art Complex 

March 3 Sherie spoke at the Folsom Library at 10:00 AM


February 20 PBS airs ‘Freedom Summer’ the fifth segment of “We’ll Meet Again,” a series produced by Ann Curry.  Sherie is one of two civil rights workers searching for someone who changed her life during the Civil Rights Movement.  Check here for the times of airing.

February 20 Sherie appears on Good Day Sacramento at 9:00 AM.

February 16 Sherie will be interviewed on KCKR (Colorado Public Radio), 90.1 FM, 10-11 AM (MST) and 7:00 PM (MST)



2 responses to “Engagements 2018

  1. I reviewing the troops to see which son, grandchld or greatgrandchild can record this to a CD for me…


  2. I believe there will be a lot of burned out DVD players. (CDs are sound.) I have folks across the country doing the same thing. Blink says they “hope to” give a copy of the results, but they didn’t promise. A neighbor is planning a gala with a red carpet and all. I have been selling this program so much – and I have no clue what it will be. Shoot, I have to figure it out here – my great grand nephew is only 11 months old. By the time he grows up and can do these things I will REALLY need him.

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