Has the Smartphone Destroyed A Generation

I stole the original title by Jean M. Twenge because it is a good one.  Call me old fashioned – folks do that now – I don’t understand why.  I still only have a flip phone and I don’t text.  I am uncomfortable with the idea of a phone – which I could easily lose or have stolen – that has all of my personal information on it – and the information for all of my contacts, as well.  I like times when I don’t have a phone with me at all.

That doesn’t mean I don’t think about Smartphones or other digital appliances.  And, I read articles about them.  This article, which was in Atlantic Magazine, caught my attention.   It is the first article I have seen that tracks the response of a generation of people to one cellular device.

That response is interesting.  It includes mental illness, suicide, sleep deprivation, avoiding sex and any number of problems that effect the post-Millennials.  Check this article out especially if you have students who are in their teens.

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