The Glass Ceiling Holds


I think it is a good time to do a quick review of women’s history as it  relates to the right to vote.  Modern women/girls have the freedom to come and go as they please, dress the way they please, and have high aspirations.  We complain because women do not have parity in the workforce, but most women in the United States are young enough not to know/believe the history that has given them the liberties they enjoy.

In “The Glass Ceiling Holds” Gail Collins writes, “Millions of women who voted on Tuesday could remember a time when their credit cards had to come in their husbands’ or fathers’ names, when a female physician was so rare she would inevitably be referred to as “the woman doctor,” and when the presumption that women needed to be home during the day taking care of the house was so pervasive that a few states still used all-male juries. Many felt that the final, righteous ending of the story would be a woman in the White House.”

That was then, but in the Only in America sidebar in Atlantic Magazine this month I found, “A South Carolina waitress was left a note by a fundamentalist couple chiding her for working instead of saying home and taking care of her husband.  The waitress, who is single and has no children said, she felt “a bit heartbroken,” by the note, which stated that a “woman’s place is in the home “ and urged her to “”help make America great again” by cooking and cleaning as “her husband and God intended.”

Leading up to our November election many men and women I saw interviewed on news shows did not vote for Clinton because she is a woman.  One man was echoed by both men and women when he said there was no way that a woman could handle the presidency.  Misogyny  should be a thing of the past, but during this election it became abundantly clear that hatred of women and contempt for women abounds in the United States today.

Here is Gail Collin’s article.  Just because our sisters in the past fought for the right to vote and other rights, our sisters today better pay attention.  The rights our “foremothers”  earned for us can be taken away.  Please read this article, especially if you are the mother of a daughter.

There is a good reason the Equal Rights Act never passed!


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