And, FDR was my hero

red tails

While on the Solano Community College Civil Rights Travel Course we went to Moton Field, one of the two places black pilots were trained to fly.  It is just outside Tuskegee, Alabama.  The museum is a testament to these American heroes.

I knew FDR was not fond of colored folks.  I know he once referred to a black man as one of Eleanor’s niggers.  He did so much for us during the Depression, but, he wasn’t perfect.  He decided to allow – approve – that colored men learn to fly.  Why?  Because he wanted to get what there was of the black vote in the upcoming election.  Seems that elections haven’t changed that much.

FDR wasn’t the only one who had second thoughts.  Here is what Major General Edwin J. House thought.

Tuskegee blacks can't do it

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