Mississippi Voting: you’ve got to be kidding!



I just came back from a Civil Rights Travel Course sponsored by Solano Community College.  I’ll be sharing some of the things I learned.  Some of them make no sense at all.

For instance, according to Flonzie Brown Wright who tried to register voters in Mississippi during the early 1960s,  three of the questions black folks might be asked to answer were:

How many jellybeans are there in a jar (the jar sitting on the counter in the county court house)?

How many bubbles are there in a bar of soap?

How many feathers are there on a chicken?

Almost everyone was asked to reach into a cigar box and take out a one piece of paper from many pieces.  On that paper was printed the part of the Constitution they were supposed to explain.  The first time she took the test her question was “What is habeas corpus?”  Can you explain it?

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