You Can Run, But You Can’t Hide



Do you have the phone ringing all the time with sales calls?  We do.  I contacted my Congressman, Tom McClintock, about our problem.

If you are on the list you have to contact them every three months to cover all the problems.

If you call back to let people know not to call – they left no message, but your phone prints off the calls –  you are telling them that your number is a viable number and then they can sell it to others.

You cannot stop political calls and charity calls.  Oh boy, I can’t wait for the election to get in full swing.

If a business keeps calling after three months, then you can file a complaint with the FTC and you can contact the Better Business Bureau.

There is an FTC rule if a business calls:

  • They must provide a name of the business.
  • They must say they are selling.
  • They must say what they are selling.

If you want to opt out on credit and insurance calls, you need to call 1 800 567 8688.  Often, apparently.

If there is a sick person in the house who is disturbed by the sound of people calling, tough luck.  Turn your ringer off.  If you miss a call from the doctor, too bad.

Thank you to Congressman McClintock for getting back to me.  Danielle was full of information and she was sympathic, but the law is the law.

Obviously vendors’ right to sell is more important than your right to use your phone and to have privacy.  So, what is new in the United States.

One response to “You Can Run, But You Can’t Hide

  1. Yeah, I hate those calls. Now if I don’t recognize a number I just don’t pick up. If they really want me, they can leave a message.

    But if you called, it would show up at SHERIE!

    Here’s a recent piece of mine. I’m still making $$ off the Empire Mine!



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