I Am Outraged: Trump and David Duke



Don’t read if you want me to seem politically correct or if your feelings are easily offended. I have history dealing with racists having been shot at and abused by the Ku Klux Klan. I can’t let this situation go by. A couple of years ago my nephew asked on Facebook why people complained about Republicans. Once upon a time the Republicans were the party of Lincoln and equality and Democrats were the racists. Nixon introduced the Southern Strategy, which, in order to get votes, led to the Republicans and Democrats trading places. Enter Donald Trump. Good people, many members of my family (not on the Holbrook side) are Republicans as are many of my friends. My husband was until this year. But, how can honest conservatives, the ones who are constitutionally necessary to balance liberals, support a man who incites racists and then claims ignorance. David Duke endorsed Trump last week. Trump says he knows nothing about the Ku Klux Klan or David Duke, the most notorious Klansman yet. Regardless of whether he did or not (and there are videos of him with David Duke from several years ago), racists groups have grown by 14% since Donald began his campaign. (They grew 48% with the election of Obama.) Racists thrive on what Trump says. If he truly didn’t know about Duke he would be so unaware, historically naïve, and honestly stupid that he should have no opportunity to be president. Like Nixon he is playing the sick of our country against the ideas of equality and justice for all. He is irresponsible. Hopefully those of us who are aware, historically versed and relatively bright will stop this man who is being compared to Hitler across the world.

david 2

(In the picture at the top of the page, Duke is immediately to the left of the cross.  I’m sure that their hand gestures were not meant to be the same as the Nazis.)

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