The Great Republican Revolt


I found this article in “The Atlantic Magazine” to be fascinating. This article answers questions I have had for many years or have wondered about recently.                                                                                                                      Who are the angriest and most pessimistic people in America and why?

Why is political identity now so central to to Americans?

How are attitudes in the U.S. echoed in Europe?

How has the Tea Party been misunderstood?

How have new sources of information impacted the U.S. electorate?

Ah, the Great Recession has ended, or has it?


How is it that poor people become Republican if the Democratic Party is seen as the party who wants higher wages and more benefits?

On what issues do the Republican and Democrat rank-in-file agree?

Why is it that neither rank-in-file Republicans or Democrats are getting what they want from the party elite?

Why isn’t Jeb Bush doing better in the polls and primaries?

How is it that 66% of Trump supporters believe Obama is a Muslim?

Who make up Trump’s supporters?  How does that play into Classic Conservatism?

What are the options for the Republican Party?

Where will the Republican elite choose to take the Republican Party?

There is a lot to think about in this article.  It is a study of the U.S. body politic.  Please take a look.





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