Why Worry About Protecting the Right to Vote


I have a Canadian friend who frequently asks me why I am so worried about people losing the right to vote even though they are legally able to do so.   I registered black voters in 1965, so I am fanatic about protecting voting rights.  I’m not talking about race stopping folks from getting the right to vote in this post.

New state laws can keep someone from voting, even someone who has proved that he has a right to vote.  In this case I am talking about Jim Wright, a former Speaker of the House of Representatives.

According to the new voting law in Texas, Representative Wright was rightly denied a voter ID card.  HE was wise enough and educated enough to finally get the problem solved.  Not everyone is.  Therefore, a group of nonprofits put together a great help site that will walk you through all the requirements step by step, and have active links to the agencies/sites necessary to make corrections. It’s Got ID Texas

Texas is not the only state with this problem.  How about your state?



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