Home Grown Terrorism Strikes


Our prayers are with the congregants of Emanuel AME church in Charleston, SC and with the families of those who were massacred there this morning. After each occurrence where a black person or persons are murdered there is a call for a conversation about race in America. How many people will die before we have that conversation? I suspect that many of the white public here have no idea how many serious and functional racists there are in America. I know there is some question of whether the person who committed this crime is a terrorist or not. There is no question that he is. Imagine yourself as a black person sitting in church at prayer today. How safe do you feel? That fear is terrorism and it is designed to horrify as many black people as possible. President Obama pointed out that we are the only industrial nation with a track record of violence like we have seen in the last ten years. In schools, in churches. I am embarrassed and ashamed.

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