What ISIS Really Wants


I am reading an article in the new “Atlantic Magazine.” Destroying history/art/religion is mild considering what they want to do. I haven’t finished the article, but I think it is essential that people read it. I thought they were a bunch of nuts – and they may be – but their belief is terrifying. They literally intend to kill everyone in the world, including all apostate Muslims and sinners. Their intent is that when Jesus comes there will be only about 5000 true believers left in the world. They consider the Muslims of today to be apostates. Oh, one of their strategies to be used on infidels like you and me is to poison our water and burn our crops. It doesn’t take an army to do this. Major sections of the article: Devotion, Territory, The Apocalypse, The Fight, and Dissuasion.

Here is destruction in ancient Nineveh  Most of these statues are replicas, but not all of them.  

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