Everybody Knows About Us, But Us


What’s on my mind? I tried to go online at Kaiser Permanente to contact my doctor last week. The website “system” wouldn’t take my password so I had to change it. In order to be able to do so I had to be able to answer some questions. They weren’t the “secret” questions I’d already provided them answers for. They were/are questions that Kaiser got from the public records. No, I didn’t live at this place. No, I didn’t know any of these people. So, the “system” refused my request and I had to call to make the change. The same thing happened again today. Again the list of people I don’t know and the addresses I haven’t lived at. Again, I called for a new password. So, I went on to Instantcheckmate and paid $10 or more for my public record. All of these sites say they are free, but as soon as you get to the report they asked for money. So, I decided to pay the money once. That was a waste of time and money. The information was incomplete and none the information was similar to that Kaiser asked. What did I get? I found my birth sign. I learned about all the sex offenders in the local area with pictures. (something I can do without since I don’t know any of them) According to this “record” my family used to summer in Pineville, SC. We’d never heard of Pineville until 1965. As a family we never went there. If I’d pay more, I would get more. I am not that foolish. One of the “public information” websites said I’d lived in Baltimore, Maryland. Maybe in a past life, but not in this one.

Ah, computers are supposed to make life easier.  Well, I’m waiting to feel that they have.  They are a way for other people to get information about us, correct or incorrect, and to use it against us.  Ah, privacy issues.  At least, if they are going to gather information about us, it would be nice if it were correct.


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