An Auspicious First Book


I’ve found a delightful new book for both adults and children by Kendall Wolf.  It’s ERIC WU’S FIRST WEEK OF SCHOOL.  I’m hooked on Eric Wu and I can’t wait for the next installment, ERIC WU’S WEEK OF BASEBALL. FIRST WEEK introduces us to characters that have diverse ethnic backgrounds and attitudes about life. Eric, Kimmie, Chilli and Penny each grow as human beings as they solve the mystery brought to them by an enormous black bird, Da-Wu-Ya who leaves clues on Eric’s window ledge. As I read the book I wondered where Wolf got her idea of school in a hunting lodge with animal heads on the walls and a teacher who uses unique techniques to help students learn and THINK. When I asked students on my street if they thought the problems Mrs. Peabody sets would be fun to do, they all said YES. They said problems like using clay to make the organs of the body and then placing them in the appropriate places on an outline of a human being would be a lot more fun than the usual teaching techniques in their schools. As Chilli says at one point, “I can only imagine.” And that is what this book is about, vibrant characters, clever teaching, unique situations, lush environmental detail and the great illustrations of Alan Baker make ERIC WU’S FIRST WEEK OF SCHOOL a delightful read and a meaningful gift.

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