Gun Trouble


This is not an argument for or against gun control, so please don’t worry about those politics.  I read this article in The Atlantic Magazine and found it compelling.  The introduction is “The rifle that today’s infantry uses is little changed since the 1960s-and it is badly flawed.  Military lives depend on these cheap composites of metal and plastic.  So why can’t the richest country in the world give its soldiers better ones.”  I think all of us can get behind the best weapons possible for our soldiers, so this article is important.  I’ll give away the conclusion, “From the time of General James Ripley to today, the Army has found reasons to deny its soldiers in the line of fire the safest and most efficient firearms.  It doesn’t have to be this way.  A few dollars invested now will save the lives of legions of brave infantrymen and -women for generations to come.”  Please read about this ongoing and dangerous problem.

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