Roseville students suspected of racial hate crime using cotton balls


I know, it seems like I’m often the bearer of bad news. I am looking for a conversation on race in this country. Many problems have been solved, but there is a long way to go. Don’t believe that all the problems are in the South. This one is in my backyard, literally. I substitute at Oakmont. These students are athletes and scholars. Why is this behavior okay?

2 responses to “Roseville students suspected of racial hate crime using cotton balls

  1. Sherie, none of these behaviors is acceptable. Unfortunately, there always will be a bell-shaped curve, and some group of people will never learn to be civil, no matter what. I hope that group continues to decline. Sorry I couldn’t make it to the reunion. I would have liked to have had a chance to visit with you. Merry Christmas! Doug

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    • We’ll just have to find a way to visit without that hoard of 1964 folks! It can be done. The reunion was fun and the folks say it was the last one. How can they quit?

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