Can Anyone Help Find This Family?

10169405_842524759109043_6365555299548079094_nI was born on October 31, 1975 in Simpsonville South Carolina.
My birth mother was described as redboned (or light skinned african american)
The doctor thought i was going to be a biracial child. He knew an African American couple who wanted a child desperatly and placed me in their care.
When i was almost 2 the couple wanted to give me my grandmothers middle name. When they went to file papers a social worker was alarmed to see a black couple with a blonde haired blue eyed child and opened a file on them. (this was 1976-1977….times were different)
They were taken to court and i was removed from their care and placed in foster care until I was adopted almost a year later (the papers actually say i would be better raised in a white home because I could not socially succeed being raised in an all black community) (their own pastor testified against them believing that I would not thrive in their community)
I have the transcripts from the court hearing and it is heart breaking. They truely loved me. I was their only child. Towards the end of the trial….the judge asked if i could be taken into another room for pictures to be taken to put in my file. The paperwork describes how they then locked the couple in the courtroom with an armed guard and escorted me out of the building. Then told the couple they would never see me again. They never even got to say goodbye.
I have always wanted to find my birth parents, and I still do…. But now my search has shifted to this couple as well.
I know their last name is Grey (Gray). (on one of my non identifying papers they accidentally didn’t white out their name on one of the court transcripts) I know in 1976 they were in their 30s. She was well educated but quit work to stay home with me. He was not very educated but worked very hard to support the family. They even had my grandmother move in to help raise me and have family close.
The doctor who placed me with them testified on their behalf. He was adamant that I belonged with them. He even went so far as to refuse to release my medical history and was finally forced by the courts to do so.

I have no information on my birth mother other than she was “redboned” (that is literally the only description I have for her). The only documents I have on her said they believed she lived somewhere upstate and possibly drove once she got into labor as far away as she could to have me. She said she thought my biological father was black or white, but she wasn’t sure.

That is all I have. I have searched countless sights, registered through countless places, been doing this for years. Unfortunately, I wouldn’t imagine that my first adoptive parents would be able to do much as far as registering to reunite with me since I was eventually taken from them.

I started this page after several people I have spoken with said it was a place to start.

Please share with as many people you know. Especially if they live in the Simpsonville, Greenville, South Carolina area!

2 responses to “Can Anyone Help Find This Family?

  1. From April 24, 2012:
    “I just wanted to share with everyone some exciting news. I JUST got off the phone with Mrs Gray. The couple that adopted me! Through the power of Facebook she has been found and we have been reconnected. I cant even put into words how emotional that phone call was and how many emotions I am going through right now. All I can say is THANK YOU SO MUCH to everyone for sharing my story. The search is still on for my birth parents, but for right now my heart is full of joy and I am looking forward to getting to know the woman who cared for me for the first two years of my life! Thank you again everyone!”

    And, from April 29th, 2012:
    “Just wanted to share a small update because I have had so many messages asking. In speaking with Mrs. Gray….She told me that SHE named me Nickie when she got me. That my “name” was just baby girl. So I wonder if that is going to hinder the search for my birth mother. It seems like I already had nothing to go on and that just leads me to believe that there is even less. But at the end of the day I found the Grays and for that I am SO blessed and happy. I have spoken to her everyday since we first spoke on Thursday. I have gotten the chance to speak to my new brother. (they adopted a son after I was taken from them). We have exchanged photos over our cell phones, but are SO excited to get to finally see each other in person in two weeks! Again, thank you to everyone who has shared this story. It was only possible with you!”

    These are from her FB Page:…/South…/401512203210303…

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