A Flash from the Past, Damn It!

GillkigansDON’T EAT AT Gilligan’s Seafood Restaurant, on the river, Moncks Corner, South Carolina.   When I think of restaurants in Moncks Corner, I think of Moncks Corner in 1965 when I was locked out of a restaurant, my friend was thrown through the glass door of another restaurant and a car I was driving was forced off the road and some of the people in it were beaten. Why? Some of us were white and some were black and we were trying to eat in a restaurant together. Well, my friend Coretta  invited me to lunch at Gilligans because she thought it would be fun.  Coretta is black (I lived with her family in 1965 before she was even born.) and I am white, so this was a wonderful opportunity to celebrate how the world has changed in almost 50 years.) The meal was fine and we were having a great time until the white manager came around asking folks how they liked the food. He looked at her and then at me and turned deliberately to me so she could only see his back and he only spoke to me. As I write this I think, so what is the big deal? Coretta was shocked as I was.  Isn’t that sort of behavior  a thing of the pas?. He did not recognize her as a person and he made that clear. I wrote a letter to the management explaining my point of view and asking that he might receive some etiquette lessons. It has been four months and they have not responded, so I think it’s time to let others know about the service we received. Most of you will never see Moncks Corner, but many of you live nearby. What do you think?

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