An Unending Story?


It seems that we are going backward in terms of what I thought were great gains in civil rights in our culture. We’re re-fighting old battles: abortion, birth control, rape, racism, sexism.  How come I ask myself? Perhaps the reason we seem to go backwards is that these are major ethical issues. In order for each generation to deal with them, they have to come up again. Therefore, they can’t ever be solved the way either side wants them solved. Now is that encouraging or what?


One response to “An Unending Story?

  1. It is in some ways Teach, sure it is a sure sign that we have developed no morality based adaptation to rid ourselves of this evolutionary baggage autonomously through our strength of will and compassion; but inspite of all of our failings in those areas, as our generations proceed through the effects of time we will no doubt have to eventually find a cultural adaptation that simply makes these heinous crimes such a low percentage that the true deserved ones will receive a fitting and most likely very draconian punishment. Though I suspect some will say that this cultural adaptation might infringe on our rights, so there is the next ‘Issue’ in our near future.

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