Virginia Festival of the Book: Success!

VaBookFestival2012The Continental/United glitch is resolved.  I’m paying three times the price for the luncheon I’ll be attending to change my plane reservation and fly out the next day.  But, I’m excited about the luncheon and the networking.

Also, I blew it.  I wanted to do the book fair on Saturday, but I was too late signing up for a table.  I’m on the waiting list, but…  They won’t let me sit on the floor!  So, since that is the main book sales day, I’m fortunate to have the next day at the luncheon to share the book.

Friday, the third day, there are 42 choices of sessions.  I chose

Accessing Your Personal GPS

Simple techniques for accessing information and obtaining insights from a transpersonal source, and tapping into the invisible realm for inspiration, guidance, and self-empowerment.

Readers and Social Media: New Ways to Communicate

Fiction: Retelling the Tales 

Use classic stories as a jumping off point for new novels

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