Christmas Cards Goodbye?


Who is it from?  Where did it come from?  The letter opener slides through the fold on the flap allowing me to reach inside and grasp the card itself.  I run my hand over the front: matte, glossy, etched or embossed.

Bright colors catch my eye – red-trimmed reindeer, blue skies and white Frosties, green trees with multicolored decorations – exciting.    Or subtle silhouttes of trees in a snow-laden forest – calming.  Some with faces of saints and folks of old – inspiring.

A message here?  Inside?  A personal note?  A letter?  A second of celebration or minutes of “catch-up.”

Electronic wishes, if printed off, look like the contents of a full file folder blown across a lot.  But Christmas cards provide garlands for windows and hearths.  The fronts can be torn off and used as post cards.  They provide pieces for artistic puzzles and children’s art projects.  There are many reasons to send electronic greetings especially in a year where the economy sags.  But, I fear the postman, with a Santa’s Sack of his own, will become an icon of the past and my life will shrink a bit because of an idea whose time has come…and gone.

2 responses to “Christmas Cards Goodbye?

  1. Yours is en route with an explanation of why it's late. I didn't spend much time in my office and that's where it was parked… I had it ready in early December. Oh, well.

  2. I wrote this, but then I know I sent electronic cards, too. I'm still working on my Christmas Letter – maybe an early valentine!

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