Book tour in South Carolina: Fated


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We had a book signing in St. Stephen at the New Covenant Baptist Church.  What a thrill to drive up and see BOOK SIGNING SHERIE LABEDIS on the marquee instead of the topic of the day’s sermon.  I’d sent flyers to a number of places in St. Stephen announcing the book signing.  At the last minute I realized I should have sent a flyer to the IGA Grocery Store – too late.

After the signing Joe and I went to IGA for beer.  While Joe checked out, I looked at the board where the flyer would have appeared.  It was there!  Joe went to the car to get the camera while I waited at the board.  A black woman came up to me and reached to take the flyer down.  She recognized me – she had put the flyer up.  The flyer said I’d be at the church from 10:00 AM to 1:00 PM.  I’d forgotten that, so when no one else came to the church about noon, we left.  This woman went to the church after noon, so she missed me – until we met at IGA.  I signed Ham’s books in my car during a downpour.

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