Virginia Festival of the Book

I am delighted to announce that the Virginia Foundation for the Humanities has honored You Came Here to Die, Didn’t You with an invitation to the Virginia Festival of the Book in March!  I’m not sure what all will be available to learn, but here is some of what they offer:

  • Promotion and publicity in our well-publicized program through the website, which receives almost 69,000 website visits annually, and in the Festival’s 45,000 copies of the printed program distributed the week of the Festival.
  • Extended publicity for you and your book(s)/event(s) for years to come on the Festival’s searchable website.
  • Book sales and signings. The Festival uses local bookstores and book dealers to sell books. In certain cases we will be in touch with you about selling books. It is fine if you or your publisher check in with us! Approximately 70% of Book Festival attendees report purchasing 1-4 books.
  • A great opportunity to network with your current readers, future readers, and other writers

This will be a great opportunity to have some face to face time with my editor, Lynn Pribus.

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