Speed Not in Bonneau!


Joe and I were in a great mood.  We had just left Lottie’s and we were on the way to North Charleston to pick up Trena Haskell for dinner.  We were laughing and then…  Blue lights in the back window.   We looked at one another in confusion after Joe pulled off the pavement.

One cop said Joe was doing 71 in a 45 mile zone.  Joe does not drive that way.  (I might!)  I can’t remember what the second cop said but it was a second charge.  The cost of the ticket: $237, but no points reported.  Of course, we had out of state plates from Kentucky – not much chance we’d come back to fight the ticket.

Later we learned that $237 is the norm.  We met people who had paid over $237 for not dimming their lights.  One person said that he if a driver stops at Bonneau’s only stop sign, the stop should be so sharp that the car jumps backward – or the fine is $237.  Points aren’t assigned, just money collected.  Sounds like a civic scam to me – Bonneau’s tax basis is their place on highway 52.

Joe is a reasonable driver – but he became a stickler for following the rules the rest of the time we were in South Carolina.  In 1965 we obeyed every rule just like he did.  We did not want to get arrested.  A southern jail was an unhealthy place for a civil rights worker regardless of color.


One response to “Speed Not in Bonneau!

  1. I feel sorry for Joe…. just he was unlucky.Sometimes regulation is not for people but to collect some money, isn't it!

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