And We’re Off

Sometimes it’s the government, not the Almighty, who makes decisions for us.  Last night we discussed if I would get a full pat-down or a body scan.  I have a prosthetic hip so I’m not dancing through the door jamb like I used to.  Because of terrorists from afar, we’ve had to change how we fly.  In 1965 the terrorist group that frightened us most was homegrown: the Ku Klux Klan.


I can remember the night four of us drove east across the Mississippi River in our white VW bug.  In the dark I wondered if I’d be alive at the end of the summer to cross back going west and home.  Tonight will be different.  I hope to sleep comfortably on my way south.

Here’s our schedule for day 1 and 2. 


They did not have classes like this when I was in colloge.  Bio of our leader:

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3 responses to “And We’re Off

  1. I am so proud of you! You have accomplished so much and are still pursuing your passion to learn from and help others. You are so inspiring! I cannot wait to hear about the details of all of your adventures! I love you!

  2. In the throes of where you are at , I would thnk you'd have a good day of reportingWI can't wait to hear about some of the hot sports and hot history topics.What's on the agenda for today? Any media calls. If not, call them.Blog us soon.Luv, Betts

  3. An AMAZING road to travel. I will look for her book. What a gift she gives by sharing what she has experienced on her life's road.

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