Yep! It’s a College Class


We got gift bags.  The bags were book bags which say “Solano College” on them as do our new tee shirts.  There was a pen, a journal and a thick notebook, too.

But the rest was the same.  There were rules.  The most important one was that this is a college course.  It is illegal for students underage to drink alcohol.  It is illegal to give students under age alcohol.  Any student who is found with alcohol and any adult who gives underage students alcohol will be on their way home.  That sounded like my dorm.

But, then, the youngest student is six and the other eight!

Ah ha, the Social Science 53 class description included things I recognized:

3 Units – I’m not taking it for credit so I don’t have to do the assignments, but the books look interesting.

Text book:  On the Road to Freedom: A Guided Tour of the Civil Rights Trail by Charles E. Cobb Jr.  There are recommended readings one of which is You Came Here to Die, Didn’t You by Sherie Labedis.

There are

  • Student performance objectives
  • A grading scale
  • And A schedule for when each assignment will be due

We got a packet of freedom sings we will learn to sing along the way if we already don’t know them.

There were students from the college to help us actually register for the class – all done online now!

Something new – a travel agent to answer all those travel questions.

Professor McCord asked us to try to bring only one carry-on bag and a personal bag.  That will get us in and out of airports more quickly.  I have a problem.  I’m checking a bag of books but she said lots of other people were checking bags, too.

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2 responses to “Yep! It’s a College Class

  1. Hi Sherie – You are off on another road again! You go girl!!! Life is an adventure and you certainly are making the most of it. I am back in Samoa right now – creating another model child care center for the government. It has been fun but a lot of work! My husband will be coming next week, so that will make it better! Have fun! Karen

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