book-coverWhat I know for sure about writing a book: be ready for disappointment.  Today is the perfect example.  The original shipping date for the book was January 28.  Then it was January 29.  So, I started my blogs and began preparing to track the shipment across the country.  Today the shipping date changed to January 5, 2011 – the date I’d hoped to receive the books.

I have ordered merchandise online, but I’ve never been so aware of the impact weather across the country has on my personal life.  After five years I’m ready for this project to reach a climax.   It’s the first time snowy conditions on the east coast have determined my state of mind.  I’m not stranded in an airport terminal or on a plane on the tarmac, so I should not complain.

December 31, 2010  P.S.  It wasn’t the weather.  The motor on the book binding machine burned out.  Because of the Christmas holiday they couldn’t get the parts.

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