That’s Customer Service!

halloween cookiesToday after the woman from Sees Candy Shops called, my first reaction was to strike my last blog.  But I decided I’d rather show how real customer service works.  I sent a copy of my blog from October 24th with a letter to the management of Sees.  Today I got a very polite call and apology from Jessica.  She then asked if Sees could please send the candy to my nieces and nephews that I didn’t send on the 24th.  Deftly she took the information for five orders.  She explained that Laurie, from the last blog, has been trained in the importance of customer service.   To top it off, she offered me a gift certificate!

I thinks Sees representatives are the best at making me feel welcome.  They always give me a piece of chocolate just for walking in the door!  I complained to the Peppermill in Reno, NV about the horrible time we spent there two years ago.  They never bothered to comment.  I’ve complained to local managers who never responded to my note.  I’m not surprised at rude and inept cashiers, “helpers” who are too busy to help and “service people” who give no service.  Even before the recession I felt the “meaning of America.”  Manners, knowledge and concern for the customer are too rare in our society.  I feel like a grumpy old woman, but basically if service is bad, I think the owners should know.  I’d write a lot fewer letters if I wrote to compliment people on good service instead.

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