What Did I Pack?

Day 2 Camp“Sherie, thanks for giving me the opportunity to live vicariously,” my high school friend wrote, “while lounging on my Tempurpedic with feet up waiting for the lobster to finish steaming and the martinis to chill.  I want details!” she demanded.  So here are some details.

Imagine you are packing a diaper bag for your baby for an overnight trip.  What would you pack?  Or what do you put in your briefcase for an important meeting?  When I stuffed items into the nooks and crannies of my pack, what were my criteria?  I asked the question, what do I value in my life?  The answer:  survival, comfort, hot food and good health (not necessarily in that order, but survival is first on the list).

My first list came in at a bit over 38 pounds.  Ouch.  I’m fortunate that my hiking partner carried the tent, water purifier and stove.  (I have these things, but don’t carry them if someone else is a gentleman.)  Here’s are the items that meet my criteria.


  Item Weight Item Weight  
  Wool sweater/shirt 7.45 oz. Pack 6 lbs  
  Long-sleeved light weight shirt 6.9 oz.            Bear canister 2 lbs. 12 oz.  
  Bandana 2  1.7 oz.            1 liter water bottles  4.7 oz.  
  Boots NIP** Water in bottles 2 lbs.  
  Jacket 2.8 lb. Fuel bottle 4.9 oz.  
  Shorts/long pants 13.5 oz. Fuel 1 lb. 6 oz.  
  Long john bottoms 6.45 oz. Pack cover 5.7 oz.  
  Long john top 3.7  oz. Cup 6.2 oz.  
  2 pair wool sox 4.70 oz. Fork, spoon .7 oz.  
  1 T shirts 3 oz. Sleeping bag 3lbs.  
  Undies – 2 pair 3.2 oz. Dark glasses; glasses case and reading glasses  5.3 oz.  
  Tent Ed 2 Sleeping pads  2 lbs. 5.8 oz.  
  Rain coat 1 lb. 13 oz. Ground cover ED  
  Hand towel 1.7 oz. Swiss Army knife 3.7 oz.  
  Handkerchief  .4 oz. Hat, ID   NIP  
  Matches in plastic   Steno pad, pens 6.7 oz.  
  Camera and card(Fujifilm digital camera FinePix A303 – about 8 years old) 6.4 oz. Cash $$ See hat  
  First aid kit/moleskin/tape 8.7 oz. Tiny hand sanitizer, toilet paper, big spoon 4.9 oz.  
  Compass/map 1.05 oz. no map Headlamp/flashlight/batteries 2.55 oz.  
  Mosquito netting 5.5 oz. Dish towel, cleaning pad, small whisk 5.35 oz.  
  Chapstick, sewing kit, nail kit, hand lotion, medications, mask, earplugs, tooth brush, tooth paste, deodorant, face soap, moisturizer 14.45 oz. Pack repair kitDuct tape 2.6 oz.2.65 oz.  
  Walking sticks NIP Breakfast 2 lbs. 1.31 oz.  
  SunscreenInsect repellent 3.1 oz. Lunch 3 lbs. 13.3 oz.  
  Knee brace 8.6 oz. Dinner, salt, pepper 3 lbs. 11 oz.  

** NIP not in pack

I didn’t always carry a full bottle of water, so some weight decreased there.  I figured the pack weighed about 35 pounds.

I’ve answered your questions, so where are my lobster and martinis?

THANK YOU TO LES LLOYD who suggested taping my feet.  I had the hint of a blister only.

THANK YOU TO LYNN PRIBUS who suggested using moleskin.  That is what I finally used on the ball of my right foot.

Day 2 Ed and Tony drying gear


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