The Greatest Stories Ever Told: “I Never Thought About It That Way Before”

OuthouseThere’s just something about outhouses that isn’t endearing.  First there’s the walk to get relief.  Then there’s the weather: rain, wind, snow, sleet, lightning, or just having to leave the fan to finally experience comfort.  Afraid of the dark?  Sick?  Tired?  Drunk?  It doesn’t make a difference: inconvenience is a major trait of an outhouse.

There was a time when outhouses were seen as modern conveniences.  That was before water closets, loos, indoor toilets, heads, thrones, potties – you get the point.  Who wouldn’t want to stay inside to take care of bathroom business?

A man named Mr. Butler.  Many years ago his family finally convinced him that indoor plumbing was a necessity.  He and his son did the work themselves.  The family rejoiced, but not Mr. Butler.  He refused to use the new fangled equipment.  Time passed and he held his tongue and endured the elements.

Finally a son asked him, “Why is it, father, that you won’t use the new bathroom?”

In a clear and reasonable voice the answer came,”Y’all do what you want, but I refuse to crap in my house.”

This is a lesson in perspective!

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