Am I Getting the Message?


My friend asked me if my body is sending me a message. Why? Well, first there were blisters. Then the ball of my foot began to ache. And now my left knee hurts when I walk. I e-mailed my doctor about it. She answered, “Pain in the back of the knee can be caused by ligament strain or osteoarthritis. We do not recommend walking, hiking, or jogging in patients with hip/knee arthritis as it will make the arthritis worse. The good exercises are biking, swimming and water aerobics.” Is this the third strike or what: sore ball of the foot, blisters, and a sore knee? Is my body trying to tell me to stay home from my adventure waiting just four days away?


Or, is it testing my resolve and commitment.  (You see, there must be two points of view.)   I went hiking with a friend on Tuesday.  We went to Winnemucca Lake off of Highway 88 at Carson Pass here in California. It was the first hike I’ve done in the High Sierra in 6 years. What a marvelous time! The weather was perfect with a breeze whisking away any sweat. We were able to see the Sierra Nevada range running to the north. The rocks were pure black and the snow so white. Green pine branches popped out in silhouette against a blue sky with an occasional puffy cloud.  Cedar scented the air and the rush of waterfalls certified that the snow was melting.  Now this is freedom of the hills.  And that freedom – mental, spiritual, emotional and physical – also waits for me just four days away.

How do I read these messages?  The blisters have healed.  Moleskin now cushions the ball of my foot.  I’m doing stretches to support my knee and I’ve chosen not to walk or carry weight for a couple of days so that it has an opportunity to heal.  Sounds like I’ve solved the problems.  But, if I haven’t, I could have six miserable days in the place I love.  Only time will tell if I’m reading myself correctly or not.  I’ll find out pretty soon.

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