Some Improvements on the Good Old Days

0449-1001-1021-5954_TN“This is Dan Poynter calling from South Africa.”  That’s how my first virtual Nonfiction Writers Conference began.  It is incomprehensible to me that I can be sitting in my kitchen listening to the self-publishing guru talk to me from half way around the world.  I could even ask him questions, if he wasn’t calling to say he would be unable to speak at the conference after all.  Apparently the communications are down in all of South Africa and participants in our conference aren’t the only ones who care.

I’m not complaining at all.  I’m still in awe that I will be able to sit and drink coffee listening to publishing/writing experts from around the world explaining how they do what they do for three days.  The state of technology has truly brought the world to my fingertips.  Now if they would just get the local coffee shop to deliver!

I’ve been delighted that I’m writing since the creation of the Internet and not before.  My editor is in Virginia.  If I have a question, I dash off an e-mail.  If it involves something I want edited, I can attach it to an e-mail and get something edited in a matter of moments.  In the “old days” I would have had to rely on snail mail and it could have taken weeks to get an answer or a page covered with red ink.

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